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Found 1 result

  1. This is my first post. Hi to all! We have 11 projectors 1920x1200 60Hz and we need to show 11 diferents videos. One per projector. The display clusters are 2 computer with 6 outputs. The hardware specifications are: i7-5930K CPU 3,5Ghz (6 cores) with Corsair Hydro H60 16GB RAM Kingston HyperX Predator DDR4 4x4GB 2133Mhz Main board Asus X99-Pro Graphic Card: Sapphire FirePro W9100 (FireGL V) HDD SSD SAMSUNG EVO 250GB (MZ-75E250) HDD 1TB ST1000DM03 Power supply Tuniq 950W 80+ Windows 7 64bits Watchout 6 All outputs from FirePro are forced edid to 1920x1200 60p. The resolutions of the each video are: Projector10 (Out 1 Cluster1): 1766x1200px (video10) Projector11 (Out 2 Cluster1): 1248x1200px (video11) Projector1 (Out 3 Cluster1): 1508x1200px (video1) Projector2 (Out 4 Cluster1): 824x1200px (video2) Projector3 (Out 5 Cluster1): 1270x1200px (video3) Projector4 (Out 6 Cluster1): 864x1200px (video4) Projector5 (Out 1 Cluster2): 1564x1200px (video5) Projector6 (Out 2 Cluster2): 1244x1200px (video6) Projector7 (Out 3 Cluster2): 1720x1200px (video7) Projector8 (Out 4 Cluster2): 860x1200px (video8) Projector9 (Out 5 Cluster2): 1858x1200px (video9) The problem is that the display clusters are not able to play all videos smoothly. We are codec the videos in some formats. 25Fps/30fps; 4:2:0/4:2:2; baudrates of 2Mbps,5Mbps, 15Mbps; in mpeg2/mp4/h264 but it can't play six videos per cluster. We are only able to play 3 or 4 videos ok. For example: mpeg2 30fps 4:2:0 5Mbps the cluster1 is be able to play smoothly video10, 2, 3 & 4 on it's projector. If we show the video10 on projector11 & 1, the system play smoothly too. If I change the video of projector 1 from video10 to video1; the cluster1 not play smoothly. The videos are playing with breaks. At the same conditions the cluster2 is be able to play smoothly video5 on projector5, video8 on projector 8 and video 9 on proyector 5, 6 ,7 & 9. Anybody can help us. What's is the problem? Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.
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