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Found 2 results

  1. thias


    Someone who can explain how to do when you need spliting a video file that will be on two or more screens to file becomes too heavy otherwise. Has understood that we should use something called Video Proxy. But have not really understood how I get the program to know how to split the movie. How does it know what is the left and right for example. Thanks in advance / Mathias
  2. Dear All, I have a very strange situation: I has 8 sets of HP Z620 with AMD ATI HD7970 which were purchased more than 3 years ago for a Watchout show, that show lasted for 1 year without any problem and then were store for 2 years, Recently we take out and reinstall the OS (win7 32-bit, using HP recovery CD) for another new project, however, I have trouble to output more than 2 video channel per workstation. HP Z620 is running with 800W power supply and HD7970 only requires 230W. HD7970 should run with 4 displays, which we confirmed that 3 years ago. At first we were thinking it is extender problem but we tried with same problem with direct cable (2m in length). We were able to output 2 video channels but the 3rd display is unstable. At windows level, for those mini-dp connection, windows only identify them as generic monitor. Only either HDMI or DVI can use but sometimes it is unstable, windows detect there is a display but unable to set resolution or output video to the 3rd channel. We have used the same display driver as 3yrs ago, and then also use windows update to update to the latest plus the graphics driver. We also change OS to Win7 64-bit (english) and result is the same. Tested the same machine with ASUS Nvidia GTX 670, 660Ti and 770, and they all cannot output the 3rd display. I also suspect it is power issue but if I unplug one of the power cable (6 pin or 8 pin) then HP will not able to power on, screen prompt me to insert both 6 and 8 pin power, so seems graphics card knows if there enough power. Is anyone has similar experience before? Do you know any window tools that can check the graphics card power usage (maybe HP power supply unstable after 3 years?) or any tools can check if the PCI-e slot is running at x16 Gen3? Regards, Lawrence
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