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Found 2 results

  1. I am running Watchout 5.5.1 on a six projector system, (all computers tweaked appropriately), and am having an unusual problem with one of my display computers. When the splash screen first loads, it shows the display name and network address correctly, but on the display computer, the network address is followed by a "1", and on the projector screen the splash screen is different, where the address is followed by a "2": 1 (On the display computer) 2 (On the projector screen) This happens whether or not I am connected to a network - if no network is active, this display computer does the same thing, only with the host name, adding a "1" on the display computer, and a "2" on the projector. It only happens with one of my display computers, and this display also seems to be projecting at a different resolution than the rest of my system. I'm a bit new to Watchout, and I'm sure this is something simple that I have missed - any thoughts? Thanks, Rick
  2. Hi, This is Snaido Davis. I am currently working on a project where I have 2 or more presenters on stage at different locations who need to control the video content on screen without having to pass on their Ipads from hand to hand. Can a single show be controlled by multiple remote controls if the all have the same project loaded on them? Please advice. Thank you.
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