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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! I recently worked on a show that was meant to feature live feeds from 2 Newtek PTZ1 cameras. The process was so unstable that the effect had to be cut, but there were a lot of challenges to the setup, so I'm wondering if there are some fixes that we can proceed with to enable their use in the next show (they purchased the cameras specifically at my recommendation because of the integration with NDI and Watchout). The specific problem that kept occurring was the when the playhead hit the camera in the main timeline, the display would get behind, taking nearly a second to put t
  2. Hello, I have managed to have 4 layers of different NDI applications within watchout. I have a live feed from an iPad Camera thru an NDI app, 2 desktop mirroring (wired connection) and 1 Live feed camera connected via hdmi onto to an NDI enabled laptop. Connections are straight-forward thru a local gigabit network. All having static IP. frame rates set to 30fps. My issue, everytime I trigger these on my main watchout timeline, all 4 screens will play but will only playback 1 at a time intermittently. playback lag are between 30 seconds to 1 min. Once all scr
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