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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all. We are using Unreal, and we need a connection between WATCHOUT-Unreal. I want to receive the display output from the WO server as content from Unreal. I thought of NDI at first, but I found that NDI output was impossible in WO. (I understand that the Scan Converter App is also incompatible.) I think, the Display output from the Display Server graphics card must be preceded. So my plan is two things below. After Display output from the graphics card, 1) [Display Out] - [Capture Card] - [Unreal] 2) [Display Out] - [HDMI to NDI Converter] - [Unreal] - I'm thinking about Kiloview N40 / U40. * Has anyone ever used a Capture Card to send WO's Output to another PC? * Has anyone used Kiloview's HDMI to NDI Converter? Is it compatible?
  2. Hi, Maybe someone has experienced this as well and found a solution. I'm on a show with a server set up by my client running WATCHOUT 6.5.5 and Windows 10. It works fine except that a live image captured into a Datapath VisionAV SDI card or through NDI stutters badly on this server. It looks as if the first 10 seconds or so are fine and then the stuttering starts. I deleted the NDI driver and WATCHOUT and made a fresh installation of WATCHOUT 6.7 but this didn't cure the problems. I've used both capture solutions very often before with my own servers but never had this experience. On the production computer the NDI signal looks smooth in the stage window. We could rule out network issues too since also with a dumb switch in between it didn't change. Since the capture card shows the same problem I assume that something in the server is configured wrongly. Any idea what to check or look for? We also tested the NDI signal with the NDI monitor tool on a third computer and this looked fine too. Maybe someone has come across this issue and was able to solve it.
  3. Has anyone done a latency test between NDI capture and SDI capture using a Datapath Pro card? I've been doing a lot of research on NDI and it might be a better capture option than SDI. I'm always looking to reduce latency and improve stability, and I have a couple large live video shows coming up this year where maybe NDI would be the better solution. Thoughts?
  4. i have a ndi sparkplus 4k(use ndi not ndi hx) i notice that when i unplug hdmi from ndi sparkplus, watchout screen show up the last frame,not black. recently , the ndi sparkplus update their firmware and gives the function that when signal is losing,it will give a ndi logo screen,but when useing watchout, this function not working. so, if watchout can update when ndi signal is losing, and it shows up the black screen or “no signal” screen instead of last frame?
  5. Hello, I am looking for advice and best practices when using Watchout on a mixed use network. I have full control over my segment of the network, which is on enterprise grade hardware (Meraki). The need for a mixed use network arises from a requirement for an NDI feed of a device logged into a video conference to be used in Watchout. Other than the obvious pitfalls of exposing show machines to internet (rogue windows updates, etc.), what other things should I be aware of? I don't have additional NICs available for the production or display machine to have a separate network for NDI, as I need to do this for an event in just over 48 hours. Thanks!
  6. Hi Everyone, Three of the TechTalks held at the Dataton booth during ISE can now be viewed online! You'll find links to the videos here: https://www.dataton.com/training/techtalks … and if you are based in North America: https://www.dataton.com/us/training-support/techtalks The subjects covered are: Building fully automated redundancy for WATCHOUT in advanced fixed installations Presenters: Lluís Badosa and Rainer Beddig Connect, control, deliver – NDI® essentials and NewTek meets WATCHOUT Presenter: Liam Hayter, NewTek Using WATCHOUT in teaching applications Presenter: Michael Buchberger, Angelica Cederin Keep safe! Regards, Jacquie
  7. Hello, It appears that NDI Inputs no longer behaves as expected when in an auxilary timeline. The NDI source is visible in Watchout, but will not actually output. Moving that same instance of NDI to the main timeline makes it output as normal.
  8. Hi we are using NDI to capture a live camera stream from an iPhone to display as one element of a show. At times the stream freezes for long periods, we assume because of some momentary connection hiccup, and Watchout seems unable to refresh it. If we Update, however, the stream unfreezes immediately. Executing an Update in live show conditions is not a feasible option, as it requires operator interaction, and causes noticeable effects to other aspects of the show. How can we fix this feature so that Watchout is able to refresh the NDI stream on its own without a manual update? We are in the midst of building this show currently, so this is high priority for us, and any fixes would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Hi Guys Will Watchout ever support audio inputs via NDI? It would make my life super easy, thanks in advance
  10. Hello, I have managed to have 4 layers of different NDI applications within watchout. I have a live feed from an iPad Camera thru an NDI app, 2 desktop mirroring (wired connection) and 1 Live feed camera connected via hdmi onto to an NDI enabled laptop. Connections are straight-forward thru a local gigabit network. All having static IP. frame rates set to 30fps. My issue, everytime I trigger these on my main watchout timeline, all 4 screens will play but will only playback 1 at a time intermittently. playback lag are between 30 seconds to 1 min. Once all screens are playing, I have no issue with latency as I've set the latency to low for optimum performance. ie, sometimes iphone screens comes up first then a few seconds later, laptop 1 & 2 screens comes up; then sometimes vice versa. My question, how do I eliminate this lag everytime I trigger the NDI feed? otherwise this will be almost unusuable/impractical for live events. The idea is to use NDI for live feed and laptop screen mirroring without the use of capture cards and thru a wireless network ecosystem. Anything I am missing on the setup? Hoping for some guidance. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hello anyone who can help, I have an iphone 6 with the Newtek NDI app installed connected via Wifi to a Linksys AC1900 router. This is the same router connecting the production and display computer. I can see the live feed in watchout on my production computer just fine, but for some reason I have not been able to see signal through the display. I downloaded and installed the latest Newtek software on both computers. The display computer also had difficulty seeing the signal in the NDI monitor app although I did see signal once briefly. Am I missing a setting on the display computer? I tried setting one of the inputs on the display computer to Newtek, but I don't see a reason that is helpful on the settings I made on the NDI input of the production computer. Thanks in advance
  12. I'm trying to use NDI Scan Converter (of NDI tools) to send the screen of a Win 10 PC to a Watchpax 2 (1920x1080). I'm sending the desktop (as the app used won't show up in the app list of Scan Converter when it is full screen), but everytime the media cue is started, I have to move the mouse of the Scan Converter PC to the taskbar, otherwise the output is black. If I try to send the desktop without any app running I still have to move the mouse (but not to the taskbar) to activate output after a cue has been started. This happens on the Watchpax output as well as the production computer preview. Has anyone used Scan Converter without this "bug"? I've also tried Ultra VNC server, which seem to work, as there's not really any video, only still images that change without transitions. My other option would be to use a usb capture card (Magewell USB Capture HDMI Plus) which I guess would be the most stable solution?
  13. I have been working with various video inputs using NDI. I have 2 NewTek "Connect Spark" boxes which input HDMI and output NDI to the network. These seem to work fine for any source going to my Watchout rack computers. However when I try to output the signal to any of the WatchPax units, no image comes through. I have also created content on an external computer and used the NDI Scan Converter app to send web browser windows and movies. The content created with the Scan Converter displays through the WatchPax units without any problem. Has anyone else out there tried using these boxes with WatchPax? https://www.newtek.com/connect/spark/ Thanks Marty
  14. NDI = Network Device Interface We have been testing the Newtek developed NDI system recently and found it to be very functional. In short NDI is a practical implementation of video over IP that is now open for hardware and software developers to integrate into products. The system has gained considerable ground over the past 12 months with many manufacturers adopting it. Take a look at Newtek's website to learn more but here are a few highlights: - Bi directional video and audio over standard IP network infrastructure, no special switches/routers required - SD - 4K resolution support - Supports key and Fill video and up 16 channel audio - Multiple signals over standard gigabit network links - Very low latency (sub 80ms) One of the most useful features we've seen is the free NDI Tools from Newtek one of which is called NDI Scan convert. Runs on any PC or Mac and can be set to capture the entire screen or focused window and create an NDI stream on the connected network, the process is similar to a VNC server but without the delay and at full HD-4k res and frame rate. The resulting stream can be seen on the network by any NDI compliant receiver, hardware or software. If the receive element was implemented in Watchout you could input Powerpoint, Keynote, character generators, web pages even live sources without going anywhere near a scan converter or capture card. I've seen character generator software with NDI output that supports key and fill. There are iOS NDI apps that turn an iPhone into a network camera, an app that captures an iPad browser and many other innovative uses of the NDI standard. So, how about including NDI support in Watchout both in and out. It could be a usable alternative to VNC. We have no commercial ties with Newtek but having tested and used it we just think it has a great deal of potential, its accessible, why not implement it. Anyone else think this is a good idea? http://www.newtek.com/ndi.html http://www.sienna-tv.com/ndi/
  15. I am working on a project where one of the elements will be live content created in Syphon. I am trying to figure out the best way to stream that content in to Watchout. Due to system constraints, we can't using live capture cards in the computers. It would appear that the "Network Video" object is the way to accomplish this. I have no experience incorporating this, so I'm looking for any advice I can get. With some preliminary research using The Google, it would seem that VLC is capable of acting as a server for an RTP stream. The question is how to send the Syphon output to VLC. A second question would be are there other streaming protocols that Watchout can access, or does it need to be RTP? Thanks, steve
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