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Found 7 results

  1. Greetings . . Trying to call presets on a Extron DXP HD 4K Plus router. Docs tell me - ASCII commands X17 = Global preset number 1-16 Recall global preset X17. I'm guessing the command could be X17.2$0d Or $58$31$37$2E$32$0d Those and variations return a WO message failed . . . I can log into the router from the pc. I have tried three different port #s. 4523, 4503 extron secure and 23 telnet Appreciate any assistance.
  2. Hello, I have 102 DMX lights that I have setup to be controlled using Output Tasks. I am using dmxLAN Node 1s on Artnet. I can control all lights with no problem. My issue comes in when some groups of lights (in example, hallway lights) needs to be continuously turned on. When I play the next output task (another set of DMX channels), the current running task/lights will flicker OFF for 2 seconds before it goes on again. In a nutshell, say, DMX 1 and DMX 2 will turn off for a while when i turn on DMX 3. But DMX 3 wont turn off when I play and light that has a lower DMX value. I hope i made sense. Here's a test visualizer I have done to explain this issue further: Is this a known issue within Watchout or do i need to look at other hardwares that might be causing this issue? Hoping to get some thoughts on this. Cheers.
  3. Hi I have newly Built 2 Servers config: i9 7900x Processor Asus X299 Pro Motherboard 32 GB Ram G skill gaming samsung pro 860 SSD x3 amd Radeon WX7100 DATAPATH 4K Capture Card VISION-SC-HD4-+ My Watchout screen is fluctuating and losing connections,if I give 2 Outputs it works fine but if i Increase Outputs 3 or 4 As soons as i open Give “online Command” my displays starts flickering and starts losing connection ,It’s Going out & In My Output were are follows output 1-DP to HDMI active Connector & connecting to XGA Projector (1024x768) output 2-DP to HDMI active Connector & connecting to XGA Projector (1024x768) output 3-DP to HDMI active Connector & connecting to HD Projector (1920x1080) (i have tried changing Wires and Connectors) Please help
  4. I am working with WO 5 and trying to send TCP commands to 2 Christie DHD800 projectors, but getting no response from the projectors. Sending Command: C0D$0D & C0E$0D on Port 3002 I also tried sending: Commands: SHUT1$0D & SHUT0$0D SHU0$0D & SHU1$0D Port 3001 and 10000 When I use telnet I have no problems sending the command C0D and C0E, (shutter mute and un-mute) Any thoughts on why the projectors are not seeing the TCP command when sending through WO? The network manual mentioned that the connection will be closed after 30 seconds. Do I need to send a command to open the port first and then send the shutter command? Thanks!
  5. Hi eveyone, I'm new here and not so familiar with projections: I'm making a video to be projected with 15 projectors in a 360 circular screen, so my output is a quite long video of 6346 pixels wide and I can't find a way to compress an .mp4 h264 video to deliver at this size. They keep asking me a single video but i can only split it into two files so i can compress it. My question is: is it possible to use 2 videos instead of a single one and align them inside Watchout right? I mean they don't really need it to be a single video right? Thanks guys!! Elia
  6. Hi everybody! I am building a multi-outputs machine based on your document: "WATCHOUT dpcspec-4U rack - March 2013 SB-E LGA2011 AMD FIREPRO.pdf" The only things different are the torque: processor / motherboard. I was offered the following material: Motherboard Supermicro X9SRA Proc Intel Xeon E5-1650 Based on your expertise, do you see any problem to choose this material? Thanks!
  7. Anyone out there available to help me with an audio question. I have 5.1 enabled in my 'Realtek' audio controls in the display machines control panel. I've tested the outputs and verified the audio. Now, my question is; how do you asscociate the proper display on my 4 head card to the proper audio output? These outputs are not numbered (instead they read - Side, Sub, Rear, Out etc...) I have v5 running ATI FirePro V7900. I have a WAV test file. However there arent ANY options in Watchouts GUI that allow me to direct what Audio file gets tied to what TRS output. I can drag the file to the screen I want.... but how do I configure the file to play over a single channel? My set up is one display machine feeding 3 seperate trade show booths. Each booth needs a discreet audio send. I was advised to use my 5.1 TRS outs to send the (3) different feeds... however this does not seem very intuitive. What am I missing? Time sensitive - I have a show tomorrow and have not been able to work this out. J3
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