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Found 2 results

  1. I am experiencing PNG images flashing when reaching a pause cue or while the timeline is running. Typically I see this when the content has been programmed in line with a pause cue, however, each pause cue is 0.1 second prior to the start of the image file. A few thoughts: - I am wondering if I need to delete the files I am having problems with from the display computers and re-sync the files? - I am also considering replacing the PNG files with JPEG files as a test to see if this is an alpha issue. (I have already changed the alpha setting for each file) Just wondering if other have experienced this problem and what their solutions were. Thanks
  2. Hi WO-people! We're working on a presentation where one part has a BIG logo-sponsor-scroll. The graphic is a PNG with alpha on a star-field background. The problem is that we're getting wrong display in the stage editor and on screen - it's like the alpha channel is not rendered properly. Some specs: The PNG is w1024 x h18060 px (we used to work with 770 x 3860 on earlier versions of the show). I googled on the subject and found out that 'Save for web' in Photoshop has its limits - which is quite fair! No one works with 18060 px on the web ;-) Anyway we did some trial-and-error-tests by saving 'Save as PNG' in Photoshop and one of the tests actually worked - and it was still 18000'ish in height. But some other tests with 5000 px height didn't compute. I can't find the logic here... could there be some limitations between PNG and Watchout 3.4.2 ? We could split the scroll into 5 smaller parts but that would give us more work - and we're on a tight tight deadline here... and Santa's coming to town :-) Thanks!! Cheers /Henriko
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