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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I am new to Dataton community and I am looking for the answer to one of my problem. One of my client has a requirement for PowerPoint presentation where the screen size for the event is of 8000 pixel by 3000 pixel. Now if I make the presentation in powerpoint I know it is easy to achieve this resolution within PowerPoint but the watchout Engineer with whom I am working has told me that the maximum resolution output which you can take from a Windows laptop is 4k so we will have to scale the 4K output to match the 8k resolution and hence there is a possibility of the pixelation in the content. How do I achieve this solution? Is there a possibility that I can take more than 4K output from Windows laptop or shall I make two powerpoint presentations both in 4K and then we can stitch using it in watchout? I look forward to some help in this area. Thanks Aayush
  2. Hello, I used Watchout for a "Powerpoint presentation". We made a video of about 3 minutes lenght. Each slide was a still picture of about 0.5 secs and in between there was a transition (everything rendered in one video). In the timeline i put pause cues when the image became still (40 pause cues representing each of the 40 slides). I didnt have time to develop an automatic presenter so i put another computer with a standard presenter and i followed the slides with the pause cues. Does anybody know a way to adapt a standard powerpoint presenter to WO? Does anybody know a way to assign the forward arrow of the presenter to the spacebar on the keyboard? Thanks in advance.
  3. We're working on a fixed installation and the end user needs PowerPoint in the Watchout presentation. The end-user can copy video files in a video folder, images in a image folder, audio in the audio folder and a PowerPoint presentation in a PowerPoint folder. All the cue's / external time lines are linked to these different media files. I know it's not possible to play PowerPoint directly with Watchout. Capturing a separate computer with powerpoint is a solution, but the client prefer one system which can handle all the media, also the PowerPoint. Maybe it´s possible to create a interactive front-end which is running on a laptop / tablet which trigger Watchout and a PowerPoint viewer? Just wondering if someone has a workaround. Maybe in combination with the dynamic image server?
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