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Found 8 results

  1. Hey together, having 3 XI-Media Server with Marian Seraph AD2 Sound-Card and Nvidia Quadro M5000. Watchout Version 6.2.0. When i play a Quick Time MOV with HAP Codec, i have some strange Click noise in Audio. not often and not loud, but so loud that i can not use it. With same File in MP4, I dont have the Problem. But i need to use the HAP files. Restart Computer does no effect. The Sound-Card Settings i checked. Also all other Windows Sounds are all right. Anyway, these Click-Noise comes out of both Server. So the Problem is anywhere in Watchout. Now i did a downgrade to version 6.1.4. and i dont have the Problem anymore. Any Solution for this ? becouse basicly Version 6.2. is nice and i would like to use ;-) best, felix
  2. Hi guys, I had a problem with the playback audio. I listen during the playback a little random flanger on Left/Right channel. It's always random on time (sometimes really short, like a flanger, sometimes longer like a delay. Sometimes i can see on my Motu 828 mk2 (Fireware) the difference on the meter on the audio interface. It's always random, sometimes happen sometimes doesn't. I play Video (in MPeg4, h264) and audio (AIFF 48Khz, WAV 48 Khz, doesn't metter the extension, that problem happen in both of audio). My set up is: Win7 (display) WO 6.1.4 Win10 (production) WO 6.1.4 Motu 828 mk2 Fireware on production. Thx
  3. Do not auto start of a project in the Display Software (WATCHPOINT.EXE) I have had Windows 10 to start the "Display Software", but it will not start the project When I try to add the path to the boot file "StartWO.txt" I get the following error. "The name 'C: \ WATCHOUT 6 \ WATCHPOINT.EXE \ Slideshow \ StartWO.txt' Unspecified in the Target box is not valid. Make surethat the path and filname are correct" I've tried to put my project folder at different places in the folder structure to make it work but has not yet succeeded. My startup script looks as follows. StartWO.txt -------------------------------------------------- --- autenticate 1 Set Logo String "The show will begin Shortly" delay 5000 load "test bildspel.watch" wait Run -------------------------------------------------- ---- What have I missed? Thanks in advance / Mathias
  4. Hey all, I'm in the middle of a show and having a huge problem. Any time I fade up video up using the opacity tween (0 to 100) it blows out the image in the last second of the fade up. The video is HAP but we have tried using stills as JPEG and TIFF with the same problem. I've tried Updating the footage Setting the transparency of the file to none Putting a black layer underneath Thanks so much for the help!
  5. Hi, We are currently using multiple computers with windows 7 64 bit and everything is perfect. We are testing equipment for use as windows 8.1 Displays watchout, but all have the same problem. In the test we have only loaded a text, but so does any content. In the control computer we get the following message. "Operating system error: -2147467259; unspecified error; Too complex effects" any suggestions? Thanks
  6. Hello, I need help with a problem I have at the DMX output watchout. When one of the channels is fading out to zero, on another channel there are small variations in level. I tried with change channels and is still happening. The equipment used is: Watchout 5.5.2 DMX Interface Enttec ODE (firmware 2.3) I have reproduced the error because my client also happens in your installation. I have a video with error and photo settings. I can mail the test file and video. Thank you.
  7. altar

    Sound Issue

    Hello everybody, due to a problem in a show last week, I liked to have your opinion on this issue. OS: Win7 x64 WO: 5.5.1 Config Type: WATCHOUT-dpcspec rack 4U - March 2013 SB-E LGA2011 AMD FIREPRO. I was unable to load sound files (wav,. Mp3, ...) into the display computer. He took on the producer, put it on the timeline, but when I wanted to go online, it started to load, then go on "red cross" without error message. I tried to reboot, remove and re-cache files, re-install software. Nothing has worked. The only way was to use a video container to play the sound. Do you have any idea about the reason? And how to fix it? Thanks! Have a nice day
  8. Hi, We have a 2 +1 PC system with display 1 and display 2 PC and a remote control PC. The 2 display PC´s have identical (cloned) settings and they hold enough hardware to handle things ( x4 core processor, 16BG ram, External graphics card ). Both machines are connected to network, which includes those 2 display machines & remote control machine via a switch. Each PC has a unique IP address. We've done the Windows 7 tweaking list and have no other network cards etc. connected to the computers. Display PC´s are controlled with a Watchman/Simpleremote. Most of the times when the setup is started locally, everything goes just fine and smoothly and the 30 minute show loops all day without a problem. When accessed remotely the display 1 computer responds immediately and we can for example, skip the show 10 minutes forwards. Problem is that the display 2 computer doesn't recognize “the skip” and ends up running a different part of the show. Weird thing is that it sometimes everything works just fine and both computers reacts to remote access. The remote computer doesn´t have any problems, only the other display computer, which is listening the changes via network. The syncronization problem doesn´t correct by itself when display 2 computer is running and then only option is to restart both computers and hope for the best. We have changed the other display computer to a new one ( with same settings ), changed the switch, changed network cables. I even tried an external network card ( disabled the embedded one ) on the problematic computer but it didn´t help. When problem happens, network seems to be fine. For example you can ping from either computer to another with less than 1ms respond time. I can post more details if asked for. I just would like to know if somebody has an idea about this problem. Or if others have bumped in to similar problems. We are using the Watchout ver. 4.3
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