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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I looked for solutions before post. I'm Learning how watchnet works using the watchnet guide. I'm stuck with the "Configured watchout production computers" setting into the "Subsystem" section. Goal: Use the production to drive the project using at the same time watchnet to control some tasks and sliders. Setup: 1 production + watchnet (Acer Laptop) 1 display (watchPax 4) WO version 6.4.1 both WN version 1.4 I programmed a simple WO project with 3 Tasks and a WN to control one of these tasks. Everything works fine. When I try to use the production and the WN at the same time the production takes full controll. I tried to setup the production computer into the WN "Configured watchout production computers" setting, but it doesn't find any production adress. Forcing it manually an error popup when I try to push it Online. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.
  2. Hello Friends ! We had a computer crash after a good programming day and since we are unable to open the project. I take that the file is corrupt and the back up we have brings us back quite awhile... When updating is the .watch file located in the displays by any chance ? We are re-doing the changes and I asked the guys to keep a tighter backup but if anyone can help !!! I'm listening Seb
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