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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Everyone, Just a heads-up that AVT, the Dataton Premium Partner in SE Asia, and Epson Thailand will be holding a projection mapping workshop shortly. As part of the webinar, AVT's Ken Cheung will look at the WATCHOUT workflow for 2D and 3D projection mapping (for example, creation of template/mask and using 3D models). Here's when and where: When: November 18, 2020 10:00 AM Thai time, (that's 4 am Wednesday CET and 10 pm Tuesday EST) Title: Dataton + Epson Thailand Projection Mapping Workshop Language: WATCHOUT segment in English, Epson part in English/Thai with translation. Register here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_v1kDggHwQoukIlUfBN0KgQ
  2. Hello, I am looking at your 3D projection mapping basics tutorial but am having a bit of trouble with it. Probably it's just me not understanding something. For example, do I need to enter precise FOV or throw ratio of the projector before starting the calibration process or does the software figure out all of projector's properties? Location, rotation and throw ratio. Many thanks! Karl
  3. Hi Everyone, Dataton is exhibiting at InfoComm 16 in Las Vegas June 8-10!. If you are in Las Vegas, we hope you'll come by booth N547 and check out our news! Click here to find out more about what we are showing at InfoComm – WATCHOUT, WATCHNET 1.3, #projectionmapping, and WATCHPAX 4. The booth is manned by members of the Dataton team from Sweden, North American premium partner Show Sage and partners from around the world. If you'd like to arrange a meeting at the show to talk about a specific solution or get an in-depth demo, please email us at meetings@dataton.com WATCHOUT can also be seen in action at the booths of tech partners Epson C6333 and ROE Visual N227. Regards, Jacquie PS Register for free entry to the show with our invite code: DAT816
  4. Hi Everyone I am a brand new user to Watchout so please go easy on me! I usually use d3, Catalyst or Hippo but am currently designing content for a project running on Watchout. I have gone through the manual but still have a few questions. We are projection mapping onto a series of rectangles forming the backdrop to an awards show. I have designed a template for creating the content but I wanted to make sure this will work! click image for full scale original <image added by moderator> Is Watchout able to capture sections of a video file and then individually keystone them to map onto the surfaces? I have attached the template I have designed below. Sorry if this is a stupid question! Thanks!! Joe image origin: http://imgur.com/QJk9yDM
  5. Hi, If you haven't already seen this, take a look at producer Justin Myers' mapping movie. "My take on the whole projection mapping phenomenon is that 99% of the examples out there can easily be achieved using features of Photoshop, After Effects, and WATCHOUT." http://vimeo.com/31920325 Regards, Jacquie
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