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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I have been reading about M.2-SSD that connect through PCIe and can read 2-3GByte/s. I tried one, the speed is really good. Now, is it a good idea to have this device in a WO-display computer or should one rather stick to SSD-Raid0 thru SATA? Regards, Michael
  2. Hello all, long time listener first time caller. I am looking for some general hardware advice. I am about to upgrade my WO6 display machines with two new machines, and I was wondering if anyone has any recent experience with a new build, and any do's or dont's they may have come across. Also are there any resources or general guidelines around building a display machine from scratch. I realise it is a little bit "how long is a piece of string" but if anyone has any tips, or any recommended and / or tested configurations, I would be very glad to hear them. ( I also understand that Dataton and its recommended re sellers can provide tested hardware configurations, but budget, and the desire to learn more about the hardware, means a build-it-myself solution is the preference ) I am looking at something like the following: - Gigabyte X299 AORUS Ultra MB + Intel i7 7820X - GPU with 4 matching ports ( AMD Radeon Pro WX7100 ) or - GPU with mix of ports ( one of the many GTX 1080Ti options, which is my preference. ) - 500gb NVMe M.2 data drive ( Samsung 960 Pro ) - 256gb 2.5" SSD OS drive ( Samsung 850 Pro) - 32gb RAM ( 4 x 8gb, 3000mhz ) - Windows Pro 7 or 10 plus 850w PSU and rack mount case. Some general questions: - is Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and WO6 stable, or if I should stick to Win7 ? - are there any suggested non-RAID backup methods for the data drive ? ( having read other forums regarding the negative impact of RAID controllers on SSD speeds ) - are there any sync or latency issues with outputs on different port types ( ie mixing DP with HDMI ) Thanks in advance, any and all advice and suggestions appreciated.
  3. We are creating a video wall with the following hardware: 8 @ HP Z800 computers with ATI V9800 FirePro + S400 Sync Module. Currently, we have two SSD's: 1 for OS and 1 for media. We are running 5 @ 1080p sync'd MPEG 2 videos from each machine and are seeing a slight stutter when loading new media (all 5 streams at once.) We've tried various preload settings, but they seem to cause the videos to start out of sync. Would we see performance improvement by making the media disc a striped RAID array? Alternately, is there a way to do preloading so it doesn't interfere with the video starting?
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