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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! I would like to be able to monitor (or control a show) without being physically on site. My first idea is to install a remote control software like Teamviever or VNC on the producer with an internet connexion so that I can acces it. But I read it is not recommanded : Do NOT use/instal VNC, LogMeIn or similar remote control software, as it will interfere with stable WATCHOUT playback So how could it be possible? Keeping the producer "at home" and connecting the display to the internet? Thank you for your help. Jean-Luc
  2. I was hoping to use WATCHOUT REMOTE on my iPhone or iPad, but have been unable to connect to the display computer. I've been informed off-forum that this is due to a security feature of iOS10. Indeed, WO Remote does work with an old iTouch running iOS4.x. But it is a small display, and slow, and so not especially useful. Meanwhile my shiny new iPad cannot connect Will this issue be addressed in a forthcoming WATCHOUT update?
  3. Hello everyone, Our company's been running a few tests with a few different machines and versions of Watchout 5 / 6, and we've noticed that the WO Remote (https://www.dataton.com/files/watchout/remote) doesn't work on v6. Can somebody confirm this feature is deprecated? Thanks!
  4. Hi all, Recently we uploaded a watchout-remote control app (for iPad only) to the iOS app-store. We called it: WO! remote and we like it. It is nicely basic and simple for anybody who knows watchout. Just because what you authored in Watchout is automatically transferred to the app. So WO! remote is as good as you are. The link to the App-Store is: https://itunes.apple.com A manual, a demo watchout-show and more can be found at http://showcaller.software WO! remote is not for free (because expensive experiment), but very affordable. What interests us is what you experts think of the app, demo and manual. Any feedback or comment is welcome. Please send this via developer@showcaller.software Thanks, Danny Rats
  5. Hello, I like to write a small tool that gives me two information: 1) Timecode of a specific task in my watchout project 2) How long will a current task or clip will played (time to end) Is it possible to read out those values by network? Thanks, Meldur
  6. Hi, This is Snaido Davis. I am currently working on a project where I have 2 or more presenters on stage at different locations who need to control the video content on screen without having to pass on their Ipads from hand to hand. Can a single show be controlled by multiple remote controls if the all have the same project loaded on them? Please advice. Thank you.
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