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Found 6 results

  1. does any one used keynote presentation with watch out, specifically 7680x1024 resolution.. i want to know if i am using data-path capture card can it be possible to get the exact resolution without downgrading presentation quality etc.
  2. Hi All, we have to run 6 led display, real resolution 1512x720, i have set the sending cards at 1920x1080 @30hz to have it working perfectly , but using watchout they are not able to set this resolution. is there a way to set it ? or at least to set watchout display at 1600x900 ?? thanks for your help. bye bye Francesco
  3. Hi! In the end of month I have show that needs 3 projectors blend... I will use 3x Barco HDX-W20 Flex (1920x1200) that I will blend to 5333x1200 px. Problem I have is that I can't render H264 MP4 in that resolution... Max that I get is 4096x920. Quicktime is even more limited - max width is 2000px. Is there any codec that I can use to get such resolution? Best regards, Piotrek, Poland
  4. Hi am using watchout for the first time , I want to connect 4 different screen resolutions led to , for example, two to another 1920x1080px 1556x1408px last to 1792x1280px , I Temgo a graph nvidia and amd w7100 M6000 card.
  5. TomT

    h.265 ?

    Hi all, I searched the forum but couldn´t find an answer: Doese WO6 support h.265 ? Thanks in advance....
  6. Hi Watchout friends, I'm pretty new with Watchout, trying to wrap my head around what it can and cannot do and how to use it in my setup. I've been browsing this forum a bit but couldn't find the complete answer to my question. Ok. I have a setup of 3 projectors(1920 x1080) on a 20 x 4 meter projection-screen. A resolution of 5060 x 1012(1080) using a 350 blend in my setup. Here fore I will use Watchout as a video playback server, background images and do the rest of the switching with a Vista X20. So Watchout server > X20 > Projectors. In my setup the X20 with fix the blending. I'm in contact now with the production company that will produce the background images. And they will produce a 5060 x 1080 video that they will pre-split into 3 .H264 files. Left, middle, right. Watchout will play that back using a video proxy. Since Watchout will not do any blending in this setup I'm wondering how to setup the outputs, in what resolution. If I'm going for 3x 1920 x 1080 then I will need to position the pre-split video files in a way so they match up. And since the video files are smaller then 1920 I think that's going to be hard. I might be overlooking something here or not doing the math in the right way.. So what's the best wat to do this? Thanks in advance.
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