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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm using the watchout 3d projector feature, version 6.1.6 for the first time. My 16: 9 projectors in reality work vertically. In the projector window, in the settings I have to rotate the projector 90 degrees? In this case I did it but the 90-degree upturned look is very uncomfortable to work. Did I do something wrong? Is the workflow wrong? Thanks to all
  2. Hello, I try to play a video proxy composed of three 1080 x 1920 parts on three 90° rotated displays : the result is a bad orientation of the video. Though, when I play a wide 3240 x 1920 pixels movie across this display, it is correctly displayed. I have a wide screen of 3240 x 1920 pixels made with three 1920x1200 videoprojectors vertically oriented (and two softedges). I designed a stage with three displays of 1920x1200 and set them a -90° rotation. Is it a known issue? Thank you Jean-Luc WO 5.5.1 (I already observed that with WO 5.3)
  3. Hey guys, is there a good way to reduce the aliasing effect while rotating a rectangle? When i use the corners tween for mapping i get aliasing effects too. Can i reduce this only with higher resolution? Thank you for answers Best Regards John
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