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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everybody, Is there a way to send to the projector to SWITCH ON or SWITCH OFF from the RS232 of my PRODUCTION COMPUTER. I know to string from a display computer but i would like to know if i can do the same with my PRODUCTION COMPUTER My second question is : can we send strings to a videoprojector with network cable or we mus to use RS232 connection ? Thanks
  2. Hi there, System W7, WO531, Moxa RS 232 board in Display PC. Using an Auxilary Timeline and when executing a RS232 command on time 0:00.00 the command will never be transmitted, running this timeline. It's neccessary to have the cue placed > 0.00 to be able to run over it. Than the cue is properly executed and commands are sent out. Hugo
  3. Just spoke briefly with Jim Testa at SS and he confirmed we're basically going to be limited to about 4 inputs on a reliable system, using black magic intensity cards. I'll have upwards of 6 hdmi sources that I'd like to show on screen at different times, so I'm thinking of using a presentation switcher to feed my sources into, then send that to the capture card, and have serial output cues in the show to switch the input. Sound good? Final goal is to have an ipad or external touchscreen control the show, calling up live demo's and then triggering pre-recorded video playback. My other thought would be to use a small all in one touchscreen pc, and send serial control from it to the switcher and ascii commands to either the production system or setup as a display cluster and control without a production system. Could use your experienced input, thanks.
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