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Found 4 results

  1. When operating without a production server (aka from a control perspective - cluster mode), load “show name” defines the control cluster members and defines the control cluster master. The control cluster definition consists of the loaded show file’s stage window. i.e. Any valid display server definition (Display - Specification) in the stage window is a member of the control cluster. The WATCHOUT computer address parameters (name - cluster name) are something different from a control cluster. watchpoint will accept new load commands from a valid IP connection or script at any time from any connection, the most recent takes precedence. The load command should only be sent to one member of the control cluster. Since every member of a group contains a copy of the show file, any member can be the master. If you want to change the master and/or change the group, simply execute a load of a show containing the desired new parameters.
  2. This is the example autostart.txt script text-file from WATCHPAX. It can be used as a starting point for creating an autostart file for stand-alone start of a WATCHOUT Display computer or cluster. Please also see the 5.5.1 Release Notes : http://www.dataton.com/files/watchout/support/Release_Notes_5.5.1.html A script named autostart.txt, located in the same folder as the WATCHOUT application, will run automatically when the display software is launched. This can contain display computer protocol commands, which will then be applied automatically every time the software is started. A new "Edit Startup Script" command has been added to the WATCHOUT display software, accessible locally and from the production software (through the Remote Access command). This provides a shortcut to editing the startup command script file, which can be used to define initial settings for a display computer or cluster. This can be used to load shows automatically, and similar functions available in the WATCHOUT display computer protocol. A new "Re-launch" command has been added to the WATCHOUT display software, accessible locally and from the production software (through the Remote Access command). This is useful after editing the startup script in order to see the effect of your changes. /jonas autostart.txt ---------------------------------- ; ; autostart.txt ; ; This is an example script file on how to use different commands to control the ; start-up and other behavior of the WATCHPAX. ; ; To enable a command simply remove the semicolon sign at the start of the line in front of the command. ; To disable a command just add a semi-colon at the beginning of the line in front of the command. ; Please remember that you can only have one command on each line. ; ; See each individual command in the WATCHOUT User's Guide for more details. ; ; ------------------------------------------------------------------ ; ; This is a small example on a scrip that automatically loads and starts a show named "MyShow" ; ; Note: If the show contains of more then one computer then this script should only run on ; the computer designated as the cluster master and not on any of the other members of the cluster. ; The cluster master will automatically send the load command to all members of the cluster. ; ; authenticate 1 ; setLogoString "The show will begin shortly" ; delay 5000 ; load "MyShow" ; wait ; run ; ; ------------------------------------------------------------------ ; ; These are some examples on how to set a fixed IP number on the WATCHOUT computer. ; You only need to run this script once. After that the WATCHOUT computer remember the ; last set fixed IP number. The fixed IP numbers is shown in the start-up screen under ; the WATCHOUT 5 logo. The IP number inside the parentheses is the DHCP/link-local IP number. ; Remember that you always need to authenticate to level 2 before you try to set the IP number. ; ; Example: Set the fixed IP number to ; ; authenticate 2 ; setIP ; ; Example: Set the fixed IP number to with the network mask ; : authenticate 2 ; setIP ; ; Example: Remove the fixed IP number and restore the WATCHOUT computer to use the DHCP/link-local IP number. ; ; authenticate 2 ; setIP ; ; ------------------------------------------------------------------ ; ; This is an example on how to enable a serial port for use with the Dataton WIRETAG. ; ; authenticate 1 ; serialPort true COM3 ; ; ------------------------------------------------------------------ ; ; These are some examples on how to enable the WATCHOUT computer to synchronize ; the main timeline to a external LTC (SMPTE/EBU) timecode source. ; ; Example: Enable timecode format EBU 25 fps (2) ; ; authenticate 1 ; timecodeMode 2 ; ; Example: Enable timecode format SMPTE 29.97 NDF (3) ; ; authenticate 1 ; timecodeMode 3 ; ; Example: Enable timecode format SMPTE 29.97 DF (4) with an offset of +1 hour ; ; authenticate 1 ; timecodeMode 4 "01:00:00.000" ; ; Example: Disable external timecode control ; ; authenticate 1 ; timecodeMode 0 ; ;
  3. Do not auto start of a project in the Display Software (WATCHPOINT.EXE) I have had Windows 10 to start the "Display Software", but it will not start the project When I try to add the path to the boot file "StartWO.txt" I get the following error. "The name 'C: \ WATCHOUT 6 \ WATCHPOINT.EXE \ Slideshow \ StartWO.txt' Unspecified in the Target box is not valid. Make surethat the path and filname are correct" I've tried to put my project folder at different places in the folder structure to make it work but has not yet succeeded. My startup script looks as follows. StartWO.txt -------------------------------------------------- --- autenticate 1 Set Logo String "The show will begin Shortly" delay 5000 load "test bildspel.watch" wait Run -------------------------------------------------- ---- What have I missed? Thanks in advance / Mathias
  4. Hello everyone! Just upgraded to v5 and working on configuring my setup. One problem I'm having is with the new startup script option for Watchout Display. I'm able to remotely power up/down the computers but I cannot get Display to launch at startup. When I go to edit the startup script, the file is empty. I looked through the documentation and did not see an answer. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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