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Found 4 results

  1. Just spoke briefly with Jim Testa at SS and he confirmed we're basically going to be limited to about 4 inputs on a reliable system, using black magic intensity cards. I'll have upwards of 6 hdmi sources that I'd like to show on screen at different times, so I'm thinking of using a presentation switcher to feed my sources into, then send that to the capture card, and have serial output cues in the show to switch the input. Sound good? Final goal is to have an ipad or external touchscreen control the show, calling up live demo's and then triggering pre-recorded video playback. My other thought would be to use a small all in one touchscreen pc, and send serial control from it to the switcher and ascii commands to either the production system or setup as a display cluster and control without a production system. Could use your experienced input, thanks.
  2. Good morning i will try to control my sanyo projector via serial data from the display watchout mediaserver. i will use a Atop se5001 Ethernet Serial Server. this is the default setup of the machine i will have to do particolar change to it for work with watchout? thanks in advance
  3. I'm looking to control the shutters of several different projectors, some with PJLink, one without. The without is a Barco SLM r12+ and I need to control the shutter with some RS232. First, does anyone have a PDF of the command codes for the 12+ ? I've got several other codes, but not this one. Secondly, here's what I've managed to piece together at home without trying it in the space yet. Please let me know if I'm missing anything you can see 0x80 0x7E 0x00 0x22 0x42 0x00 0x80 0x7F $oD [start byte ][proj#][shutter ][null][ end byte ][carriage return] Should I use quotes? Should I not use spaces? Questions abound. Thanks, Clint
  4. Hello happy Watchout users, I am having an issue controling my Sanyo PLC XP200L via serial control out of Watchout. We are trying to control the shutters on the projectors from WO and we are not getting any results. We are coming out of com1 and our data rate is 19200. WO tells us to use a $ followed by 2 hexadecimal digits. Has anyone tackled this issue? It would be greatly appreciated if you could shed some light on the issue. Thanks, Brent
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