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Found 4 results

  1. There is a command to give inputs a value but... Is there any other to get the current value of an input? Or maybe a way for the setInput command to send back the value after the applied modification?
  2. Ready "6.1.6" "WATCHPOINT" "Windows" true authenticate 1 setInput "CVol" 1 1000 Error 7 0 "Unrecognized command: setInput" I'm trying to control my setup as follows. Other commands like gotoControlCue and run work fine, but I can't get this one to work. Any clues? Thanks in advance. PS: I know we are some versions behind but updating is not an option since this is controlled by the IT department.
  3. Hi all~ I am using the API is expected to FLASH program development. http://academy.dataton.com/sites/default/files/docs/WATCHMan/AS3/index.html Show control and run, halt was found, but I can't find ' setInput' command. Where can I find?
  4. i was wondering if someone has experience with arduino board whit different type of sensors. I use it for example to control dataton watchout show through flash.i use proximity sensors, or analog buttons to start stop jump a show. now i am tryng to control media into watchout, for example change the position of an object on stage. i set a generic input and change the limit value to 1023 ( i use a slider attached to the arduino interface that has 1023 steps) then i assigned this input to the position of a media on the stage ( only x position) i set a commad file on display pc with these strings: authenticate 1 serialport true "com11" setinput "the name of the generic input" "value" delay 6000 load "MyShow" wait run at the setinput line which value have i write?, if i write a number this will be the position on stage and works, but i want to read the values from the serial input in my case the external arduino board with the slider. i cannot find documentation for this part, maybe, there is documentation for this?maybe i need some component inside watchout? thanks in advance for answer
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