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Found 2 results

  1. I wanted to share with the group that I am sending HDMI video signals from my WO Servers as SDI signals to a switcher or router as on onsite operator. I know many of you may have done this already and I'm hoping you will share what kind of issues you've run into or maybe better ways to accomplish this, but it's been such a game changer for me I felt like it was worth sharing and discussing. I'm now converting the HDMI video signals from the WO server to SDI and sending the SDI signal to the switcher or router. I have been using BMD micro HDMI to SDI converters (www.blackmagicdesign.com)
  2. I primarily provide the media for the shows I work on, and have not been involve the setup of the Watchout and 2 converged- 12kw projectors. In the past I always let the rental company handle the Watchout setup. We will be buying a Watchout system of 2 WatchPax2 and production computer instead of renting. Other than the basic layout in the Watchout 5.2 manual that shows basic layout of cabling I haven’t found any other info about connecting up the system. From what I can tell: 1-Production Computer connects to the Network switcher via Ethernet Cable. 2-Network switcher then connect
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