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Found 10 results

  1. Has anyone successfully outputted multi channels of audio out of Dante Virtual Sound (DVS) card using WATCHOUT? I am doing a large museum exhibit that has its audio system set up using a Dante and I have six channels of audio that I’m trying to push from a WO server computer using the Date Virtual Sound card, which is digital audio over IP using a second NIC on the WO server PC. I have done multichannel analog audio with WO many times, but using Dante and WO I can only access one stero pair at the same time. In the WATCHPOINT software on the server computer I can pull the audio device menu down and see 16 channels (8 stereo pairs) of Dante audio but since they’re all separate I can only access one stereo set. Has anyone successfully accessed all the channels using DVS? If you have, can you help me understand how to accomplish this? It would be much appreciated even if it requires me purchasing additional hardware. Thanks
  2. Hey together, having 3 XI-Media Server with Marian Seraph AD2 Sound-Card and Nvidia Quadro M5000. Watchout Version 6.2.0. When i play a Quick Time MOV with HAP Codec, i have some strange Click noise in Audio. not often and not loud, but so loud that i can not use it. With same File in MP4, I dont have the Problem. But i need to use the HAP files. Restart Computer does no effect. The Sound-Card Settings i checked. Also all other Windows Sounds are all right. Anyway, these Click-Noise comes out of both Server. So the Problem is anywhere in Watchout. Now i did a downgrade to version 6.1.4. and i dont have the Problem anymore. Any Solution for this ? becouse basicly Version 6.2. is nice and i would like to use ;-) best, felix
  3. Hello. I am designing a museum exhibition and would like to use dataton watchpax to produce sound. Will it be possible to connect it to Steinberg external sound card and install drivers? Thank you
  4. Hi, I'm playing wave sound file in free run mode. It works fine in the producer, the sound does freerun when the timeline hit the pause cue. However, when the sound is played from the display computer, the sound plays but stop at the pause button. Therefore, I can't have any backup sound for my show. I really need the free run option because the next cue can happen at any moment but the sound needs to continue. It's a 260 cue show, troubleshooting live is a absolute no. I really need the display to behave like they should. -I have tried assigning with the name of the display and with the icon placement without any difference. -I have yet to try if it's only assigned to the display instead of both, I will try tonight. Wave file PCM S16 LE (araw) 48000Hz 16bits Any idea why they are behaving like this. On another note, I need to set the preroll to solve the "pop/click" issue at the beggining of each audio clip. I used 2sec of preroll and it solved the issue.
  5. Hello, I found a problem with the audio in the new version 6.1.2 .. Small clicks are heard on the channel output pairs (2,4,6 and 8) of the Display. They are very mild but when you amplify the outputs are heard. Has anyone encountered this problem? I returned to version 6.1.1 and the problem disappears. I hope your comments. A greeting.
  6. Hi All My WO Production machine has, for some unknown reason, ceased to play back audio. This is really annoying as it makes programming a real pain in the backside as I am having to push to displays to preview my audio. Media clips play fine in both media player and QT - at first I thought it was a driver issue with my Novatis AudioHub not being recognised as the default output (or something along those lines) so I tried switching to internal soundcard with the AudioHUB disconnected and the drivers removed. No dice. The machine has had production audio working with both the AudioHUB and using internal sound card ever since the image was built 2 years ago, with the only changes I am aware of being the upgrading of the WO software on board - this issue does not line up with an upgrade though... so I don't know what could have changed. Assistance would be most welcome.
  7. Hi, We have a new project where the requirements include an AES audio card from the WO display. Does anyone have any hardware recommendations for an AES sound card?
  8. Hello, I'm working on a musical using Watchout for the first time. The musical director and musicians are using a click track, and I'd like to use that click track (or more specifically, MIDI messages related to that click track) to sync watchout cues to the music. I have Qlab2 or maybe Qlab3 running on a mac mini, and Watchout running on two windows machines. The click track will also have two or three audio files synced to it for playback through the sound system, so I can't have the click track and these other audio layers in Watchout without purchasing an audio interface for the windows machine. I figured the best approach is to have click track trigger midi show control messages in Qlab to be sent to Watchout for this (and potentially all of the watchout cues). If so I need two midi interfaces - one for the windows machine in order to accept midi messages, and one for the mac mini, in order to send midi messages. I'm looking at getting two of the M-Audio MIDIsport 1x1's http://m-audio.com/products/en_us/MIDISPORT1x1.html Does anyone have experience with these and/or any other suggestions for my setup? thanks! Nick
  9. Working on putting out some fires, wondering if anyone's got experience capturing audio from the Intensity Pro HDMI capture cards. I don't have a way to test myself right now, just trying to orchestrate a backup and can't find info on this. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I would like to know how Watchout treats a duplicate WMV file? ( > regarding the sound). (usually I use separate Video + Audio files). For example: 1 display, 2 screen. Some cues are a duplicate on the 2 separate screens (at exactly the same time). The cue is a WMV file that have sound. It seems that only one cue is playing the sound. Best Regards, Michael Humash Digital AV - Israel
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