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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, I have what I believe is a simple question and I am hoping someone can point me int he right direction. I am getting ready to program a show in Watchout this week, and I know that we will want to handle all the dowsing using the internal dowsers on the projectors (panasonics I believe) and send those cues through watchout. I know this is possible, I have seen many people do it, so I am just wondering if someone could walk me through the broad strokes of the process so I could have a starting place to work from. I know you need to add the projector as a output-I was using the TCP option, I do not believe serial would be an option. I have read a little about about it trying to research this answer myself and I have also found a lot about string commands, enough to know that doing this does involve writing a string command and including that in the output data. How does one determine those? Is there a link out there with common commands for theatrical use? (IE Projector on/off, shutter open/closed). Any help what-so-ever with this question would be greatly appreciated.
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