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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, we discovered free way to send out MIDI/MSC from Watchout via Bitfocus Companion and the module Midi-relay. Midi-relay is a small java app which sends/receives MSC/notes from your midi-interface by getting http requests. For every command there is a button to program in companion, plus sending a String output http request "BANK-PRESS" from WO to trigger that button. It works flawlessly and being able to trigger sound and light is a big step. The detour over companion is quite time consuming, a direct string output would be nice. So far I had no luck sending a POST http-request wi
  2. Hi I'm trying to create a show, where it is possible to enable/disable layer conditions from a string cue. What I have done so far is this: I made a string output, which in this case is set to TCP - ( localhost ) and to port 3040, which should be the production machine. I now created an aux timline, which on TC 1.0 send this syntax: public var LayerCond:1$0D - and here I want to enable layer 1. I'm not shure if it's possible to use this syntax here, and since it's not working, I'm sure something is wrong Normally I would expect it to be a boolean syntax of some kind. Have
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