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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings . . Trying to call presets on a Extron DXP HD 4K Plus router. Docs tell me - ASCII commands X17 = Global preset number 1-16 Recall global preset X17. I'm guessing the command could be X17.2$0d Or $58$31$37$2E$32$0d Those and variations return a WO message failed . . . I can log into the router from the pc. I have tried three different port #s. 4523, 4503 extron secure and 23 telnet Appreciate any assistance.
  2. Hi I'm configuring a Watchnet setup, which is controlling a show, which runs with no problems. The issue is, that when I try to control an aux timeline with a string cue, which normally works fine, Watchnet fails, and send a cluster error message: "Failed delivering data: setInput <string> <value> <"value">$0D; String Output "WATCHNET"" of OutPut list (4 7) I have no idea what that means. And as mentioned, the show runs fine in the normal setup. Any ideas? Cheers Christian
  3. Hi! I've been reading through the user guide and am going crazy trying to find the solution for this problem. I normally work with lights so the world of media servers is a little new to me. Basically, I have to watch out computers with two movies, one which is looping and the other has to be triggered at a particular spot in the first movie. I've been trying to use the string output with tcp but not having any luck, hopefully i've just missed something. Computer 1: Computer 2: Trigger output is, ip port number 3039, protocol TCP. Is this correct? The trigger control cue is named Countdown Start and has the data to send "run" (without "") I'd really need some help here! Thank you...
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