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Found 2 results

  1. We are creating a video wall with the following hardware: 8 @ HP Z800 computers with ATI V9800 FirePro + S400 Sync Module. Currently, we have two SSD's: 1 for OS and 1 for media. We are running 5 @ 1080p sync'd MPEG 2 videos from each machine and are seeing a slight stutter when loading new media (all 5 streams at once.) We've tried various preload settings, but they seem to cause the videos to start out of sync. Would we see performance improvement by making the media disc a striped RAID array? Alternately, is there a way to do preloading so it doesn't interfere with the video starting?
  2. I work a lot with loop-videobackgrounds for company presentations. This time I use a projection 5760 x 1080 pix (3x HD). And I rendered the loop content in 3 HD mpeg-2 video with 25 fps (30sec long). I used a control cue with "jump to". It runs very smoothly but always when it loops, it stutters! Also when the video starts at play. So what I did is, I made a composition and added the 3 mpegs. Then I created a task and imported the composition (Time at 2 sec on the timeline) with a opacity fade in. Added a pause-marker and set the composition on "free running" and "looping". This solved the looping problem perfectly. Only when I start the task it stutters several times during the first 1 - 2 seconds. Hopefully anyone can tell me how to solve this problem. Thanx in advance. Erik System Specs: Graphics: AMD Radeon HD6900 MB: ASUS-P8P67-EVO-B3 CPU: Core i7 2600 BOX 3.40 SSD: 120GB SATA3 intel 510 series DDR3: 8GB OEM :Win 7 SP1 Home Prem 32b
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