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Found 3 results

  1. I'm designing a show, which have to run between to TV studio setups. We use a WO production normally to control and run the shows.I have made a simple browser interface, to control the different tasks, that have to be executed during the show. There is one thing though. I need to disable MIDI, so if the WO Production recieve a MIDI command, it wont be affected. Is there a syntax to do that? I've scanned through all the documentation I can get my hands on, but no luck... Best regards Christian
  2. Hi I'm configuring a Watchnet setup, which is controlling a show, which runs with no problems. The issue is, that when I try to control an aux timeline with a string cue, which normally works fine, Watchnet fails, and send a cluster error message: "Failed delivering data: setInput <string> <value> <"value">$0D; String Output "WATCHNET"" of OutPut list (4 7) I have no idea what that means. And as mentioned, the show runs fine in the normal setup. Any ideas? Cheers Christian
  3. Hi I'm trying to do something, which I'm not sure will be possible. We have a graphic platform from Vizrt, which can be controlled in a lot of ways. I want to create a String Cue, with this syntax "SendSingleCmd localhost, "RENDERER*MAIN_LAYER*STAGE CONTINUE", 0" You normally communicate with the Vizrt program on port 6100, and as TCP. I'v tried a lot of different ways of writng the syntax, but keep getting the same reply: "Warning: Failed delivering data". I'm sure there's a simple and logical explanation to this. Any ideas?? Cheers Christian
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