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Found 3 results

  1. Hi. I'm writing a C# application that will interact with WatchOut. I will send commands and receive notifications. To do that should I open two connections, one as a client to issue commands to WatchOut and another as a server to receive notifications from WatchOut Outputs? Is there a way to get Outputs in the same connection I use to send commands - and to receive errors? Thank you for reading. ®f
  2. hi , i m facing one problem with watchout diplay cluster when i try to remote control with tcp .. i use c# to create a tcp client and connect to port 3039. it can connect but when i execute command , it return error 8.1 not authorized for the command .. any way to fix it ? previously i did use udp and it works .. but some how the udp message will combine if i send it very fast
  3. Hi, we are developing a TCP client application to control Watchout vie ethernet. We are using SocketTest to control that everything is correct. 1. Our TCP client can send only the first message. After that, Watchout doesn't send back anything. 2. SocketTest works perfectly, it sends as many message sa we want. 3. At the same time, if we turn ScoketTest to server, our TCP client sends to it as many message sa we want. We are investigating about message delimiter, it seems that Watchout uses CR in place of LF. We tried CR, LF and EOF, but we still have the same three
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