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Found 8 results

  1. I've had a few installations in the past few months using WatchPax40 and custom-built machines that required master volume control. In WatchOut control protocol, there doesn't exist yet any command that allow you to adjust the system master volume level. The closest you get to achieve volume adjustment is to define an input variable and attach that input to the video's or audio's volume tweening function (or through DMX). And then, you'll get to adjust the level using "setInput" command. In a show that contain dozens of video or audio files, tweening the same variable to the input can be
  2. Hi. I'm writing a C# application that will interact with WatchOut. I will send commands and receive notifications. To do that should I open two connections, one as a client to issue commands to WatchOut and another as a server to receive notifications from WatchOut Outputs? Is there a way to get Outputs in the same connection I use to send commands - and to receive errors? Thank you for reading. ®f
  3. hi , i m facing one problem with watchout diplay cluster when i try to remote control with tcp .. i use c# to create a tcp client and connect to port 3039. it can connect but when i execute command , it return error 8.1 not authorized for the command .. any way to fix it ? previously i did use udp and it works .. but some how the udp message will combine if i send it very fast
  4. Hi, we are developing a TCP client application to control Watchout vie ethernet. We are using SocketTest to control that everything is correct. 1. Our TCP client can send only the first message. After that, Watchout doesn't send back anything. 2. SocketTest works perfectly, it sends as many message sa we want. 3. At the same time, if we turn ScoketTest to server, our TCP client sends to it as many message sa we want. We are investigating about message delimiter, it seems that Watchout uses CR in place of LF. We tried CR, LF and EOF, but we still have the same three
  5. Using a Crestron system, I am trying to talk to a Watchout System over IP. More specific I am trying to get the status of individual timelines, (Paused, Stopped, etc…).. I received this from a support tech with Dataton. I also have a document with what a response should look like. Example 1: Your WATCHOUT show is named "TestShow" and the auxiliary timeline inside the show is named "Movie1" and you want to know the status continuously. To achieve this you send the following strings (in bold to WATCHOUT display computer by TCP/IP or UDP/IP to port 3039. Note, every line shoul
  6. Hello all, I have what I believe is a simple question and I am hoping someone can point me int he right direction. I am getting ready to program a show in Watchout this week, and I know that we will want to handle all the dowsing using the internal dowsers on the projectors (panasonics I believe) and send those cues through watchout. I know this is possible, I have seen many people do it, so I am just wondering if someone could walk me through the broad strokes of the process so I could have a starting place to work from. I know you need to add the projector as a output-I was using the
  7. Hi! I've been reading through the user guide and am going crazy trying to find the solution for this problem. I normally work with lights so the world of media servers is a little new to me. Basically, I have to watch out computers with two movies, one which is looping and the other has to be triggered at a particular spot in the first movie. I've been trying to use the string output with tcp but not having any luck, hopefully i've just missed something. Computer 1: Computer 2: Trigger output is, ip port number 3039, protocol TCP. Is this correc
  8. Hi, We recently had a show that we updated from watchout 4.3 to 5.1 to use the multiple outputs per display computer and we ran into a couple issues. We had 1 production and 2 display each driving 3 outputs. Watchout machine specs CPU-Core i5 750 @2.66 Ram-4GB GFX-AMD Radeon HD 6970 2GB GDDR5 Mem Win 7 32bit HDD-Solid State drives Rack Mount cases First and main issue was: every time we would change the output # on a display computer it would re-send all of file into the computer even though there files were already there. This certainly caused some slow down in
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