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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! I have an older project with watchout (version6.6.5), smpt correctly working on this project. when I'm upgraded to version 6.7 then watchout dont work with smpt (settings same as both, so was choose smpt input device and use auto detect, later when not work then i try many options) watchout signal tester dont work correctly, signal strenght is good but numbers "bouncing". after i dowgraded back to 6.6.5 then project smpt working good, but (embedded) signal tester remained the same fault.. try 2 version smpt: 1. unknown source wav file ebu 25 (detected WO 6.6.5 timecode tester) 2 generated by qlab 25 fps non drop So, this is a new bug??
  2. SMPTE is reviewing the Time Code standards, and one of our local contacts who came to our Gravesend Inn haunted attraction reached out to me to solicit feedback from our community. They are having a meeting here in NYC in November but of course it's during IAAPA and I will be on a plane to Orlando at the time of the meeting. They also have a way to participate in a survey online and a meeting in London. Below is the info from my contact, I can put you in touch if you'd like. Thanks, John www.controlgeek.net SMPTE is reaching out to the user community for input on the next generation of Timecode. SMPTE Timecode has been our “Top Standard” but we need your input, so that we are comprehensive and forward looking shaping our technology future. The Timecode Summit in New York will be held on November 16 from 6-9 pm, with SMPTE Director of Standards, Howard Lukk. Please consider who from your team would best help us gather user requirements for your industry, and have them join us. For more details, registration for the event, or take our online survey go to: smpte.org/timecode Space is limited so please register ASAP. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on the New York event. Bruce Follmer Student Chapter Director, SMPTE
  3. Hi It's my first experience with Time Code I have a Production PC running WO5.x and 4 Display PC for video playout. Sound playback is provided by a MAC running ProTools. We are wondering to set up a second MAC running QLabs that provide MSC commands (GO) to WO and to ProTools, so we have the same START. Video will be set in free running and each video has a longest tail, so some seconds before the end of each song, WO's main timeline is in pause and ready to receive MSC "GO" and start the next video. But how can I be sure that during the 5 minutes of each song music and video will always be in sync? I'm thinking about a LTC that can be provided by QLab as well. My question is: does time code correspond to main time line time? (i.e. 00:00:05:00 in LTC correspond to 00:00:05.000 in main timeline)? I mean, I only need to sync the clock of WO and ProTools device, as my video will often be in free running and then in pause. So WO time will not be the same of ProTolls time, except at 0. Does LTC only give the clock sync or it refers directly to WO main timeline absolut time? thanks
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