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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I am tracking to use automation data coming from Creative Conners Spikemark to have a virtual display track a set piece flying in and out of the stage. The input data stream from Spikemark and tween formula is tracking nicely on the Y axis, so far so good. However, as the set piece moves either above or below the projector lens (188.5 on the Y axis), the Z axis needs to change as the set piece is moving further away in 3D space, so Z axis needs to be conditional on the value of Y. So, I think I’m looking for some help writing this expression. Will If / And / Else statements
  2. Hi, when I change the position of a corner by clicking on it and then moving it with the arrow keys, it is no longer possible to change the position by arrow keys. The selected corner stays white (selected). Is there a way to deselect the corner or is there an other way to get the position working with arrow keys again? Thanks, Merten(v.6.3.1)
  3. HI, I've connected a MIDI controller (Novation Zero SL MKII) to my production, I've assigned CC to some tween (scale, position ecc ...) and I can change values of this tween with the controller, but I can't make any automation. If i use the controller to make an automation, the watchout doesn't record the values of the keyframe. Thank you all
  4. I am currently working on a show that has multiple cues with corner tween points. They are all the same, so I can adjust one cue, then copy and paste the tween track to the other cues. What I am wondering is if there is a shortcut or quick method to do the paste on to multiple cues at once. So far, all I can find is the ability to paste to a single cue. For instance, with moving a cue there is a command under "Edit" that I can apply to multiple cues at once. I am looking for a similar function to use on tween tracks. As it currently stands, I will have to touch approximately 50
  5. Hi I'm finalising a show, but I have to change the colour on some of the solid objects I have in the show. My issue is not how to change the colour, but if it's possible to use RGB or HSV values? It have to be a perfect match to a defined colour, and it's almost impossible to change on the tiny tween wheel inside Watchout. So if anyone has a trick up their slevve, I will be happy Cheers Christian
  6. I have a number of images on stage with "More Effects and Capabilities" selected. I've also defined a few "Generic Input" to be used for tweening the properties of the images, such as (the variable names speak for themselves but I'll just add a short description of each): RotationY : for Rotation Y tween property ScaleX, ScaleY : for adjusting the X and Y of Scale property X, Y, Z : for adjusting the X, Y and Z position of the image Here's a screenshot of my stage: What I am trying to achieve is to be able to make the images flick to the left or right using external TCP control, us
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