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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All, I have a pair of servers that worked great for years (Win10, built by showsage). I recently updated them to 6.7, but since then I have issues transferring content. The very first content push from a production system to the servers works fine, but any updates or additional content added will cause the display servers to hang on the transferring and/or caching display. The actual transfer and/or cache process does complete, as ALT-TABing on the display system will get the stuck transfer/cache screen to complete and dissappear, and then the servers run content as normal. Rolling back to 6.6.4 did not fix it, I also tried 6.4 but no luck. Next test is the last working version that is included in the server's backup drive (6.2.2) to see if that fixes it. Anyone have any clue what could be causing this? I want to poke at it a bit more before I send them off to our vendor for a fix.
  2. I am preparing a show with watchout live update. I'm shutting down the Production computer for a short break. When I open it again, all the files are reloaded. Why does it reload everything every time?
  3. Good afternoon, Anyone knows if in the latest watchout versions the display output still going black for seconds every time an update is done or when is added media on Live mode. TIA Best regards
  4. Hello, I am currently performing a fixed installation where I am using a Watchout reader and a PLC to control the entire installation. I want to send an "Update" command to the reader. I can not find in the documentation any information on this subject. Is this command available? What is it? Thanks for your help. Roger
  5. Hi, Does anyone have conclusion about the best way to go for upgrading a show from WATCHOUT v.4 to WATCHOUT version 6? In which sub version it is better to pass? (for example: V4.51 > V5.1 > V5.5 > V6.1 ) Any tips related to this subject is appreciated. Thanks, Michael Humash Digital AV - ISRAEL www.digital-av.co.il DATATON PREMIUM PARTNER
  6. Hello, I am trying to update watchpax2 from version 6.1.5 to 6.1.6. The watchout gives the message about different versions and if I want to update. I click ok. The watchpax displays this message: "The WATCHOUT license key can`t be found. Re-trying automatically in a few seconds." If I click "Retry" (with the keyboard connected to watchpax) nothing happens. I tried to swith watchpax on and off, restart watchout etc, but with no result. Thank you for any help, Jakub
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