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Found 5 results

  1. As a power user of WATCHOUT software I am wondering when Dataton will be releasing a version 7 that has significant upgrades. It seems to me that the competition is not only gaining on WO but has surpassed it in many ways. Some communication from Dataton would be appreciated and I think much needed right now. I see the competition having webinars, instructional videos and engaging with it's users for feedback. Can you please communicate with us on the status of a serious upgrade? Thank you
  2. Hello everyone. A problem with watchpax 40: after the update from 6.6.2 to 6.6.7 the monitor connected to the WP shows only the splashscreen without the name of the display computer and its ip. The network window in WO does not detect the display computer on the network. I noticed that the WatchPax changed the previously set ip ( and returned to I manually set the ip of the pc to The two ip's are detected by Advanced IP Scanner but I still can't see it on WO. It seems to me a problem resulting from the update but I don't know how to fix it. Even simply connecting the WP to a monitor only the splash screen is displayed with no other information. Thanks for any suggestions!
  3. I have five Watchout 5 license keys with metal case and 2G storage and I want to upgrade to Watchout 6. I've read "the procedure to upgrade" and knew the license could be electronically upgraded without physically changing the USB key, but somebody tells me that metal case USB key can't be eletronic upgraded and I have to physically send it to the regional agency of Dataton to upgrade it. Is that true? Thank you very much~
  4. Hi, Does anyone have conclusion about the best way to go for upgrading a show from WATCHOUT v.4 to WATCHOUT version 6? In which sub version it is better to pass? (for example: V4.51 > V5.1 > V5.5 > V6.1 ) Any tips related to this subject is appreciated. Thanks, Michael Humash Digital AV - ISRAEL www.digital-av.co.il DATATON PREMIUM PARTNER
  5. Having a bit of trouble opening a Watchout show someone sent me. (the sender is not available to answer this question) The error message is: "Can't open file: Undefined class: MediaCueBase on line 2185, offending item: MediaCueBase; File version 5.2" My system is running Watchout version 5.1. Could it be that the file I'm trying to open was made in version 5.2? Can you not open a 5.2 file in 5.1? Thanks!
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