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Found 2 results

  1. I've not found mention of the older w500 or the new w600 cards in the forum. I spoke with AMD at Infocomm about it, and it seems like it would be a great card. Low power consumption, small footprint, multiple 1080 streams can be rendered off the gpu, and it will support all 6 outputs in Eyefinity mode. They seemed to think it would work well in this application, and slip a little compared to Radeon cards only in 3d game play scenarios. http://www.amd.com/us/products/workstation/graphics/firepro-display-wall/w600/Pages/w600.aspx
  2. Hi there, came across an issue this evening: We are running a 3 output show with V5.1. 1 System is running 2 outputs (blended output) 1 System running another part of the display. We have created MPEG2 outputs, pre split the files, and created a video proxy of the splits. Due to the sequence being about a 15 minute loop, we have split it into 5 minute sections, and created a video proxy of each of those 5 minute sequences. To 'simplify' and loop nicely, we have created a composition of the video proxys' (5 minute sections described above), and placed it in the main timeline. When running this composition, display 1 and 2 show the same output (left screen), even though they are indeed setup as independent displays. Output 3 is ok. If I place the proxy, not in a composition on the main timeline, I do not have this problem. Due to hardware resources, I am limited to the 2 systems. I know that if I run display 1 (Left) and display 2 (Right) on separate display systems, and run the composition containing the video proxy's, I do not have this problem.
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