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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, Im dealing with a huge videowall setup and I'm a little lost with best result for the client point of view. I used to have a partner who sold me the 3 watchout licenses and abandoned the project, since there were some changes from first appreciation. In the meanwhile another installer came to the project but Im disappointed with the solution they gave me, with lower results in resolution and streetched images viewing. If someone can help me to discuss best procedures to get better results I can explain mor details about entire project. Many thanks!
  2. Hello again, I'm successfully running a 5k (5120x3840) video on a videowall (4 x 4 outputs via mini-DP to active DP to HDMI). The master is a ProRes video. I tried the following formats: WMV9- did not work, wouldn't even play. H264- behaved fine except when it reached the cue to jump to the beginning, the show would hang (however, I only tested the default settings). MPEG2- worked 'fine'. The thing is: only Handbrake is able to transcode/output at this resolution (Adobe and friends do not) for MPEG-2. I tried increasing the bitrate but it seemed it wasn't possible to increase the quality much more, and with higher bitrates the video would stutter a lot. I also tried ffmpeg but the quality seemed lower. So, I'm requesting tips to achieve a higher quality. Preferably, I would use H264 and activate every possible option which seemingly resembles 'fast decode'. But before trying that, I thought I'd ask for suggestions first. Thanks in Advance for your help!
  3. Hello, I'm working on a videowall with 16 screens (4 computers x 4 screens). I'm having issues loading 5k videos. My theory after ~3h of debugging is related to the codec- using MOV's PhotoJPEG seems to crash the player, using MOV's PNG seems not to- but I haven't ruled out other issues. So I have one question: MOV's PhotoJPEG versus MOV's PNG, do you have any prior experience regarding they working or not? (possibly the full name is not these ones).
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