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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, We are experiencing glitches in our system that may or may not be in Watchout - just trying to check all ends. I am using virtual displays in a 10 second composition that is looped for the duration of the show. In the past I have seen weird issues with looped compositions and I was wondering if anyone else has seen this as well? The show I am using this on has 4 display computers feeding into an LED wall. I used 3 virtual displays to span the wall. The glitch we are experiencing is a periodic "flash to black" of one of the rasters inside the virtual display. The virtual displays cover more than one raster so this leads me to believe that it is not in Watchout, however I am still curious about the effectiveness of looping a composition. Thanks all.
  2. I'm doing a show at the end of the summer that is using 4 odd sized (3'x14') walls for media along side a host of projectors. I'm wondering if I should anticipate renting a scaler for each wall or if I can use Virtual Displays in WO6 for this task? Reading the manual, I'm feeling confidant about using Watchout for this task, but I'm uneasy in bidding because I haven't done this before. Thoughts?
  3. Hello! We have a LED screen 92 x 6.4 meters. Physically it is separated on five different screens (18.4x6.4 meters) and each screen has own LED processor. Processors are connected to server with AMD FirePro W600 and Watchout 5.5.2 Software. So now we needs to separate the screen on four parts and each part will be play different content. Can we upgrade to version 6 and make 4 virtual displays?
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