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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all New to all this so be gentle with me. I have IT experience but slowly getting up to speed with this AV stuff. The people I do work for did have a AV show running 5 projectors with your software on it. The PC/media server has developed a fault on the PCI3 slot so I need to move content and software to a new machine. New one is Windows 10 Pro old is Windows 7 home edition. I notice a USB device with a ring on it, is this the licence?? My question is what would be involved transferring Watchout to this new machine and would I be able to keep all configuration. Is it just a case of installing the correct version on the new PC and copying files over ?? Nigel
  2. Hi, Can Watchout 5.5.1 be controlled by Ableton Live 9 over MIDI? What the equipment is needed? Ableton Live https://www.ableton.com/en/live/ Thanks.
  3. Good Day All, I have a problem when setting up a DMX Controlled Show: I setup an Auxiliary Timeline whitch triggers with a DMX Value which also controlls the opacity of the Video. The Video has to be paused, on speak Cues. So i've made an Auxiliary Timeline which sets a pause to "Named Timeline", and an other with resumes the timeline. A the start i had problems that the pause/resume timeline not worked everytime, so i created multiple commands in the timeline, so one would surely trigger. Now the funktion aspect works, but when i send the DMX value to pause the video, the video pauses and jumps a couple frames back. Any Ideas how to Fix this problem? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi Watchout friends, I'm pretty new with Watchout, trying to wrap my head around what it can and cannot do and how to use it in my setup. I've been browsing this forum a bit but couldn't find the complete answer to my question. Ok. I have a setup of 3 projectors(1920 x1080) on a 20 x 4 meter projection-screen. A resolution of 5060 x 1012(1080) using a 350 blend in my setup. Here fore I will use Watchout as a video playback server, background images and do the rest of the switching with a Vista X20. So Watchout server > X20 > Projectors. In my setup the X20 with fix the blending. I'm in contact now with the production company that will produce the background images. And they will produce a 5060 x 1080 video that they will pre-split into 3 .H264 files. Left, middle, right. Watchout will play that back using a video proxy. Since Watchout will not do any blending in this setup I'm wondering how to setup the outputs, in what resolution. If I'm going for 3x 1920 x 1080 then I will need to position the pre-split video files in a way so they match up. And since the video files are smaller then 1920 I think that's going to be hard. I might be overlooking something here or not doing the math in the right way.. So what's the best wat to do this? Thanks in advance.
  5. I have a number of images on stage with "More Effects and Capabilities" selected. I've also defined a few "Generic Input" to be used for tweening the properties of the images, such as (the variable names speak for themselves but I'll just add a short description of each): RotationY : for Rotation Y tween property ScaleX, ScaleY : for adjusting the X and Y of Scale property X, Y, Z : for adjusting the X, Y and Z position of the image Here's a screenshot of my stage: What I am trying to achieve is to be able to make the images flick to the left or right using external TCP control, using "setInput" command to be precise. So far, I am able to open up a socket and set the input variables from external program. Here's a short animation of what I am trying to achieve : https://s3.amazonaws.com/e-static/index.html What I am wondering and would like to know (from users who has done this before) is: 1. Is it possible make the image perspective tween from normal horizontal facing to diagonal facing with farther side shorter than the nearer side? 2. I am able to setInput from external program but I noticed a considerable delay that when WO is accepting multiple commands, it seems to add the commands to the a queue and parse them one by one. If the commands being sent is to animate the position and Rotation, then I suppose the queue would be long and the animation effect would be slow and abrupt. Consider this block of code that set the X position of the image: String command = ""; for (float i = 0; i <= 1; i += 0.05) { command += "setInput X " + i + "\n"; } myClient.write(command); myClient.write("setInput X 1\n"); Is there a way to improve this? 3. Are there any similar alternative to what I am trying to achieve? Thank you. Eddy
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