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  1. This is the example autostart.txt script text-file from WATCHPAX. It can be used as a starting point for creating an autostart file for stand-alone start of a WATCHOUT Display computer or cluster. Please also see the 5.5.1 Release Notes : http://www.dataton.com/files/watchout/support/Release_Notes_5.5.1.html A script named autostart.txt, located in the same folder as the WATCHOUT application, will run automatically when the display software is launched. This can contain display computer protocol commands, which will then be applied automatically every time the software is started.
  2. We're installing three Watchpax 4 for a permanent install, and we want to achieve 4 channel surround output from the playback. Preferably over Dante, but we have analog inputs to spare. Is there any multi-channel USB soundcard that's more or less officially recommended? I guess it's impossible/not recommended to install drivers (or Dante Virtual Soundcard) on the Watchpax units? Is it possible to use multiple 2-channel soundcards? Is it possible to output different audio channels on each machine? Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone, Got 2 nos. of watchpax 2 units. Plug it on, got the green and red activity led lights then after that only the red led lights will stay on. The LAN port activity led will give a flashing amber light only. Keeps blinking slowly. No Display on my screen outputs. tried both mini dp ports. Got no luck with swapping mini dp adapters. All are active connectors. Wont get any video signal at all. Didn't even hear the internal fan cooler to startup. Anyone who experienced this issue?
  4. Hi! Recently i just bought a WATCHPAX 4. I was told that WATCHPAX 4 can also be a master and also a slave PC. Currently this is my setup: - 2x Projectors - 1x Laptop - 1x WATCHPAX 4 Right now i can run my show when i'm using my laptop (master) and WATCHPAX (slave) machine. I want to make the WATCHPAX 4 auto-start to run the show without using my laptop as a standalone machine. I just want to turn on my WATCHPAX 4 and the show will start running on it's own. Please advise how do i do it in steps. I tried to understand the startup script but i fail. Thanks!
  5. Hi all, has anyone had an issue with Watchpax 4 where a large section of a particular display "jumps" up a few pixels (say 10 or so) randomly? At first I thought it was the (active) DisplayPort converters or cable, but after a reboot, the outputs swapped around so Display #2 now comes out of a different physical output (Weird? Related?) on the Watchpax (and projector and cables etc). So I'm fairly confident it's Watchpax/Watchout. Like I say, I'm really thrown by the fact the issue is now happening on a different projector/cable after some rebooting, with the display number being the only
  6. Hi, I wonder if Watchpax series will be compatible with ASIO to be able to have until 24 audio outputs. Thank you for the new 6.2 version.
  7. Hi, I wonder is it possible to integrate Live Video to Watchpax? is it the USB port can be act for input? iskdps
  8. Hi, Is it possible to set a watchpax 2 on 10Mbits without a manageable switch? We found a way, but after rebooting, it was set back to 100Mbits. maybe there is a que for the Autostart.txt? Any help is appreciated!
  9. Hello, I expect the answer to my question would be no, but I felt I had to do it. We know the way to recover a complete show from a Display computer, but there is anyway to do it from a Watchpax? Thank you.
  10. Hello. I am designing a museum exhibition and would like to use dataton watchpax to produce sound. Will it be possible to connect it to Steinberg external sound card and install drivers? Thank you
  11. Good day. I have taken over a setup of 4 Watchpax controlling 7 monitors in a row. If I try to stretch a video across the screens, they don't sync properly. I am wondering if it is just a setting I'm missing, or is it just that watchpax aren't meant to be in multi screen setups... Any thoughts or insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Taz
  12. Hi Everyone, Dataton is exhibiting at InfoComm 16 in Las Vegas June 8-10!. If you are in Las Vegas, we hope you'll come by booth N547 and check out our news! Click here to find out more about what we are showing at InfoComm – WATCHOUT, WATCHNET 1.3, #projectionmapping, and WATCHPAX 4. The booth is manned by members of the Dataton team from Sweden, North American premium partner Show Sage and partners from around the world. If you'd like to arrange a meeting at the show to talk about a specific solution or get an in-depth demo, please email us at meetings@dataton.com WATCHOUT can al
  13. Hello, guys! Have some issues. I hope you will help me to figure it out... We have Watchpax and wathpax2 and active miniDP to DVI adaptors (which came with Wathchpaxes). We have just bought them. Watchout 6.1 We have next projectors: Panasonic PT-DZ870EL and PT-DZ10KE. Same settings. Watchpaxes are connected via DVI cable. So, if during the show I turn off Panasonic PT-DZ10KE and then turn it back on I see the black ( blank) screen (but sound continues to play). Every time. In Window mode (then I go to Windows Desktop) I have no such problem. After turning off the projector and turn
  14. "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key" One of my WATCHPAX computers stopped working and shows this error when it boots up. I understand this error needs to be resolved by changing the boot drive in the BIOS, but I have no idea how to get into the BIOS. How do I resolve this?
  15. Has anyone used the Extron 101H EDID Emulators with the Watchpax? We're having an issue where the input side of the emulator "blinks" when the monitor is turned off or changed inputs. We've tried with setting the resolution and refresh rate manually with the rotary switch, and also tried with the "auto" setting, but same result. Does anyone have any suggestions? What EDID emulators have you used that were successful? Thanks, --D
  16. Hi All, I've been working with Watchnet Server and an iPad with very good results. However, I'm seeing at the server's log a few errors. First one is when powering up the system in the morning: (DATE/TIME) ERROR Worker task/Cluster/HoP/GetTimelines/2 IllegalState Cluster not ready Error in STARTUP Normally the log is showing this message albeit the 4 WatchPax in use are awake for long time ago. Also, as I'm using the same PC for both Watchmaker and WatchNet (one license) and running one of the applications at a time, server's log sometimes shows the following:
  17. Hello, I am consulting this problem with support already, but as we can not find the problem solution/source, I want to ask here if somebody has encountered same problem or will have some idea how to solve it. We have system with one production computer (watchmaker version 6) and two watchpaxes 2. Production computer also controles light over ArtNetDMX. It works just fine. Problem is whan we switch from watchmaker to watchnet. Videos are playing just fine, also pj link commands work, but the artnetDMX doesnt work at all. -------------------------------------------------------- We hav
  18. I am currently in the process of setting up a WATCHPAX unit to display two Network Video feeds from two separate PC sources using VLC Media Player's streaming functionality. I have successfully got the streams running on the unit, but after exactly 1 minute, the feeds freeze, and in order to start them up again I just skip to anywhere else on the timeline in Production. Has anyone else encountered this issue before and may be able to shed some light on where I might be making a mistake? My VLC Settings are as follows: Desktop Stream at 30FPS MPEG-2 256kb bitrate 640x360 (Tra
  19. Vote now! Dataton WATCHPAX is a finalist in the digital signage category (9) of the 2014 Sound & Video Contractor Most Innovative Products Awards and we'd appreciate your vote! Voting closes November 14 … https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZMLT9D9 Thanks
  20. I need to know what is the advantage and disadvantage of this product? Also need to know the complete hardware specification like Processor? Video Card? Memory Card? Hard Drive Capacity? Need also a DVI capture card and video input card? Thank you Best Regards.
  21. Hi Everyone, Going to the Prolight + Sound show, Frankfurt, March 12 to 15? You'll find Dataton and Premium Partner Mediaservice Rainer Beddig in Hall 9, Stand C046 showing new WATCHNET, WATCHPAX and more… For more info on upcoming trade shows, check out the list at http://www.dataton.com/events Regards, Jacquie
  22. Hi Everyone, Dataton WATCHPAX has been shortlisted for an InAVation Award, category 3: Most InAVative Content Management and Playout Solution and we need your vote! Voting only takes a couple of minutes and here's the link to the voting page: http://www.inavationawardsonthenet.net/technologyvoting.aspx Thank you!
  23. Hi all, just to clear things up: WATCHPAX needs an ACTIVE MiniDP to DVI/VGA/HDMI-adapter, passive will not work. HDMI output can be achieved through adding a passive DVI->HDMI converter to an ACTIVE MiniDP to DVI adapter. /jonas
  24. Hi, I'm testing out a new Watchpax unit and was not given any documentation with it. I can only find marketing material on Dataton's website. Do you have a User Guide/Manual for the Watchpax? For example: -Default resolution is 640X480, how can I change it to 1280X720 or 1920X1080? -how do I delete a few files on the Watchpax? I will be testing many different clips and once I'm done I'd like to clean up everything that's not current. Best regards, David.
  25. Heads up! PALM Expo takes place next week, May 30 to June 1, at the Bombay Exhibition Center, Goregaon East, Mumbai, and you 'll find Dataton at stand J17-24. On the stand, we'll be showcasing WATCHOUT and WATCHPAX as well as running WATCHOUT Academy Basic skills sessions each day. You can see WATCHOUT in action at the Palm Integration booth, too. http://www.dataton.com/events WATCHOUT Academy Basic skills schedule, stand J17-24 May 30: 4:30 pm May 31: noon, 3 pm, 5:30 pm June 1: noon, 3 pm
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