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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, Got 2 nos. of watchpax 2 units. Plug it on, got the green and red activity led lights then after that only the red led lights will stay on. The LAN port activity led will give a flashing amber light only. Keeps blinking slowly. No Display on my screen outputs. tried both mini dp ports. Got no luck with swapping mini dp adapters. All are active connectors. Wont get any video signal at all. Didn't even hear the internal fan cooler to startup. Anyone who experienced this issue?
  2. We run a presentation where we use a Watchpax2 and have connected an Epiphan AV.io 4K USB capture dongle. Watchpax2 has never found the capture dongle after power on. We must always enter Remote Access and do a Re-launch and then Watchpax2 will find the Epiphan. This has been good when we used Watchout 6.1.6, but now we run 6.2.1 and when we try to make a Re-launch, the Watchpax does not restart properly. We get the message that the "License Key doesn´t support this version". We need to do a Re-launch to get started the capture dongle. What can we do about it? //Tomas
  3. I primarily provide the media for the shows I work on, and have not been involve the setup of the Watchout and 2 converged- 12kw projectors. In the past I always let the rental company handle the Watchout setup. We will be buying a Watchout system of 2 WatchPax2 and production computer instead of renting. Other than the basic layout in the Watchout 5.2 manual that shows basic layout of cabling I haven’t found any other info about connecting up the system. From what I can tell: 1-Production Computer connects to the Network switcher via Ethernet Cable. 2-Network switcher then connects to the Watchpax2 via Ethernet Cable. 3-WatchPax2 connects to the 12kw Projectors (display device) via an Adapter Mini DP-DVI Female out of the “Mini Display Port”. 4-Mini DP-DVI adapter then to cable to the projector Both of the time we use a doubled, stacked projectors for a converged single image. Does this mean we would use the second Mini Display Port and Mini DP-DVI adapter for the second projector? I see people converge the two images using a grid to line-up the pattern as one. Can you converge the grid patterns using Watchout or is this done in projector setup? Thank you, DonD
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