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Found 2 results

  1. Continuous network error, try replacing cables, switch hubs, and PCsI've changed the IP bandwidth, and I've disabled all of the Windows Firewall, but this message occurs about once every three to four hours. In order to play in a normal state again after the message occurs, you need to reload Ctrl+d to play normally. What's wrong with this?Looking at the previous forum, the same symptoms occur when you check the log and proceed with window updates.
  2. Hey everyone, I have been working on the same television show for the last 4 years using the same project that I set up in the beginning. I have it set up to just drag and drop new media for the day on the prefabricated timeline. As of last week, a composition that I made seems to be giving me an error when I play it out. the error is as follows: From Display "Monitor LEFT" of Stage Tier "base" of StageList of Stage, *Current date* Network error; Display computer: Connection lost I made the composition by duplicating one that already worked and dragged the new logo over the old one (keyable logo on one layer animated .mp4 background on layer underneath) Things I have tried: Refreshing all media Made sure no tweens are on the media (in case the media spans more than one display) Deleting composition from the timeline and then deleting it all together Recreating composition from scratch (not from duplicate) Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking
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