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DMX Output with Enttec ODE or Kissbox?


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we are trying to control some LED-Lights via Watchout. We got a Kissbox and an Enttec ODE Interface. Controlling the Lights with a DMX-Software over PC is no problem, but controlling the lights with Watchout doesn't work. The DMX Univers output (Watchout) is set to "0", the same setting as the DMX Interface and the DMX Interface is in the same IP-Range as the Display- and the Produktion PC.

Has anyone experience with one of these DMX Interfaces and how they should be configured?


Thanks Peter

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I use Kissbox for LED control.

you may try the following suggestion:

1.use Kissbox Editor to monitor the output singal, make sure the universe set to correct setting, and receive correct signal

2. make sure you set LED channel and value are correc, for example,

channel 1 is Red

channel 2 is Green

channel 3 is Blue

channel 4 is Intensity

 if you turn on 1,2,3,  but channel 4 is 0, the LED wont bright up. every LED have different setting, please check the manual.

3.you need "ONLINE" to see the output/effect.

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Ok this is our result with the Kissbox and the Enttec ODE Interface:

- Kissbox version 3 (newest version) does not work!

- Kissbox version 2 works, without any problems

- Enttec ODE (Open DMX Ethernet) Firmware Version: 2.2 (Rev 3 ), does not work! Maybe it's also a hard- or software problem.

If anyone got an working Enttec Interface please give us a reply, or does anyone from Dataton has tested the Enttec Box?

Regards Peter

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Thanks for the feedback, Peter & Leonard!


Please noted that only the DMX1TR - DMX-512 Transceiver Version 3 is not work with WATCHOUT at this moment.


For the others V3 I/O control Like IO3CC or IO8CC..etc, they works well like version 2. by my test.

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