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Keyboard shotcut for tasks

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Depends on how you define "keyboard"  ;)  You could hook up an external MIDI keyboard, and hook it up to the task list by adding Inputs for as many keys as you want.


Hope this helps.



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I doubt AutoHotKey would work with Watchout since it does not force a PC keyboard to output MIDI Notes.


What is needed is QwertyKeyboardMidi (http://qkmidi.sourceforge.net) which converts a PC keyboard to output MIDI (most of the PC keys anyway (see the keyboard layout pointed to by the link above)

plus a virtual MIDI port creator such as Midi Yoke from http://www.midiox.com/ (Note: Watchout will only work with "Out to Midi Yoke 1"; i.e. port 1).


Be Aware: QwertyKeyboardMidi must be active for the PC keyboard to output MIDI Notes, but this means the PC keyboard is disabled for normal key operations. One has to 'disable' QwertyKeyboardMidi to re-enable normal pc keyboard operations. It would be more productive to get a small inexpensive MIDI keyboard controller like the USB Korg Nano to use as MIDI triggers.


Thomas Leong

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