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Aspect Ratio and Resolution

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Have an event coming up where the LED specs are mentioned below.


LED 3.7 mm
TOTAL SIZE 36.4 FT X 12.6 FT 
TOTAL PIXEL 2944 X 1024 PIXELS (Aspect Ratio 2.875)
We will playing a video on this screen. Now, the video was shot in full HD 16:9 ratio. In order for the video to cover the entire screen while it plays what needs to be done?
Should the video be rendered at 2944x1024 resolution? Or should it be a full HD video rendered at 2.875 aspect ratio using letterboxing on FCP?
Please help!  

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Normally, on an LED wall, between those tiles (cabinets) and WATCHOUT, there is typically a processor.

The processor is all that matters from a WATCHOUT perspective.

While Windows and WATCHOUT can be forced to output 2944x1024,

(and that requires poking values into the Windows registry)

that is only part of the equation - the processor must be able to supply EDID for 2944x1024

 or you will not be able to make that resolution work.

At the end of the day, the EDID capabilities of the processor will determine what you can and can not achieve.


Without that information, your questions can not be answered.

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We are just the video vendors, these are the only details given to us by the client. When the 1920x1080 video is played at 16:9, the video stays in the centre, the client says it should spread across the entire screen. I guess the aspect ratio should do the trick.  

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If that is the case, that can be easily addressed in WATCHOUT,

you should not have to adjust the video - unless you need to maintain square pixels.

To maintain square pixels, then yes, you would need to create your original in the same

aspect ratio of the full screen, and then WATCHOUT can scale it to fit.

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