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Suggestions for Small Form Factor WO Computer...

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Hi All,


Has anyone found a small-form computer for 4 channel displays they prefer over Shuttle's offerings?  


We like Shuttles but I'd prefer to find a more robust product that can solidly support 4 channels and still keep the small-form footprint.


The systems we currently have configured are Shuttle SH87R6, i7-4771 @ 3.5ghz, 8 GB (DDR 1333), 256GB - SSD, FirePro V7900 .  


These run 4-channels of video in most circumstances but the motherboards do not provide enough throughput in all situations compared to other rack mounted systems.


Thanks for your suggestions!

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This type of box has been used successfully.




It's a bit bigger than a Shuttle, ie will fit a microATX motherboard with 4 PCIe-slots.

We've not built any computers based upon this box, so as they say on their website,

any microATX motherboard will fit the box, which are not too many at the moment...


ASRock Fatal1ty X99M Killer: 





Has a Ultra M2-slot (PCIe x4)


EVGA X99 Micro:




GIGABYTE X99M-Gaming 5





Has a M2-slot (PCIe x2)



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If you want truly small form factor, your're not going to get the best performance, as you probably figured. Here's a small "player" style box with four outputs that could perhaps qualify, depending on what you mean by "small-form":






Wow that's a really small box.  Have you used these?  4 HDMIouts, I couldn't tell but the spec sheet, probably not eyefinity capable... AMD Radeon HD 7660G

(built in APU R-464L)

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It's Eyefinity-capable alright, but that has less to do with WATCHOUT.

A small box, in essence a WP2 in a bigger case with 4 outputs, but with no more power,

ie you have to be careful with what content you put upon it and how much.



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Gotcha on the horse power.


I was under the misconception that EyeFinity required at least 1 Display port and that most cards disabled the HDMI output... But to be truthful, I have never understood the connection between DP outputs and EyeFinity.

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Eyefinity and DisplayPort are not directly related.

Eyefinity is an AMD graphics technology, DisplayPort is a VESA connector standard.


4 HDMI outputs is quite possible for graphic card manufacturers to

make availabe, albeit they have not, at least yet. AOpen did however.


We do not use Eyefinity for WATCHOUT.



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