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Problems with sync on ATI W7100's 4th output and S400

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System description:
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
Intel i7 -6 core
W7100 FirePro
S400 FirePro sync card
Running Dataton WATCHOUT 5 video display control software, most recent version.

Completed the tweak list for Windows 7.


I have six display machines built to this spec, all exactly identical, including identical OS image.
The show system is two production machines (different build spec than display machines, including no sync cards) and six identifal display machines.

It is configured as a primary system of 1 production and 3 displays and an identical back up production and 3 displays.

We are using all 4 display heads in the first two display machines and only 3 heads in the third machine.

The system uses 8 display heads to send to the video wall and the other three to send to the projectors.

The show requires full redundancy as much of the show's scenery is being done with the video system.

Problem description:
When using only three heads per card, at 1024x768, everything works fine.
When the fourth head, at the same resolution, is activated, all the displays re-order themselves, randomly.
In addition, when the fourth head is active, it isn't possible to sync any of the heads on the card.
Disabling the fourth head, restores the ability to sync the other three heads.

Due to space concerns, we'd really like to use all 4 heads on each card.


I've read through the slightly dated ATI Application Note for "Configuring and Running a Large Video Wall" and found nothing that helps: http://www.amd.com/Documents/Configuring_and_Running_Large_Video_Wall_using_ATI_FirePros_v1-2.pdf


ATI's support phone number in the S400's documentation has been disconnected.


Any suggestions on what we're missing would be appreciated.




--Josh Karpoff

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You may lock up all of outputs of W7100 by managing EDID function under Fire pro Catalyst. The signal should not be jump or re-order afterward.

S400 is very sensitive on the outputs EDID, please make sure the forth on is same with the others or simulate all EDID by the first output and clone it. Otherwise, they could not be synced.



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one question:

what is the connection between Display PC to Video wall / Projectors?

optic fiber? or DVI cable?

any processor between Video wall? or just Sending card?


i had this problem before if the EDID information is not correct(or not complete due to the manufacturer problem) .

sometimes the order of the output is 1,2,3,4   after reboot, sometimes is 2,3,1,4,  it change randomly.

because the OS doesn't recognize and remember the device.

make sure your device have correct EDID information.



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The problem turned out to be using the passive DisplayPort to DVI adapters that came with the the W7100 card.
Once we substituted active DisplayPort to DVI adapters the issues were easily resolved.

Thanks everyone for your help.


--Josh Karpoff

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I learned that using differing DisplayPort adapters cause the S400 card to not recognize other displays as viable clients/servers. 


Changing all DisplayPort adapters to be identical solved this for me too! FYI.

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