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In the end of month I have show that needs 3 projectors blend... I will use 3x Barco HDX-W20 Flex (1920x1200) that I will blend to 5333x1200 px. Problem I have is that I can't render H264 MP4 in that resolution... Max that I get is 4096x920. Quicktime is even more limited - max width is 2000px.


Is there any codec that I can use to get such resolution?


Best regards, 

Piotrek, Poland

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Those blend regions are pretty small, good luck with that. Anyway, the best thing you can do for widescreen shows where codecs limit your resolution is to render out your content cropped per output. Use WATCHOUT's Proxy function to put it all back together again. 





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Will it be unsync across the split video?





Yes, the pre-split videos should play in synch, 

provided the videos are encoded properly (Constant Bit Rate, etc.)

and also provided the videos are rendered out in synch.


The accuracy of that synch can vary.

Typically (but not always) when all the outputs come from a single computer

 they will be in perfect synch.

When the pre-split outputs come from multiple computers,

synch will be accurate within a frame, but not perfect.

WATCHOUT supports a hardware assisted synchronization option,

and when this is used, you can achieve perfect synch across the outputs multiple computers.


The question becomes- when is software synch (within a frame)

and hardware assisted synch (frame accurate) needed?

When connecting watchout directly to the displays (projectors, flat panels),

and the projectors are overlapped or the flat panels are separated by frames,

software synch is typically all that is needed.

When feeding to processors or driving mullionless flat panels,

hardware assisted synch is probably needed.

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