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Help me for this question

Mahesh Kumar

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Hi....guys plz help me i have 3 questions related watchout someone asked me. I don't know the correct answers.

1.What are top rated media servers and why we choose watchout server over them.?

2.What is the term servers refers to in watchout?

3.watchout a stand alone system or a group of system?

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hm... you should definitely check out 


and watch the video using the „discover“-button.

Why Watchout? Because it is very widespread, an industry-standard (not the only one).

It is basically kind of easy to understand and operate. An advantage is that one can take over or share someone elses „programming“ without having to dive into complex and hidden-at-first-sight structures, usually. One can of course make it more complex with virtual screens, remoting, tracking, dynamic external files etc. And it is kind of cost-effective.

No, I do not work for Dataton.


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