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Running Watchout 5, 5.5, 6 on Bootcamp

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I'd like to ask the experts their opinion of running Watchout 5, 5.5, and/or 6on a MacBook Pro via Bootcamp. I'm referring to the control computer only. Yes/no? If not recommended, please state why.


Thanks in advance.

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I use an i7 Macbook air 11" with SSD  also an old 17" MBP i7 with SSD and they are both great.  I have all my creative software on the MAC platform 


That is nice, but what does that have to do with Bootcamp?

You certainly can not run the Mac platform and bootcamp at the same time iono.gif

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I'm not able to instal de WO6 demo on my bootcamp partition, im getting a x32 x64 compatible question? any thoughts?


Yes, the problem comes from file name change that occurs when downloading in MacOS 10 Safari.

Please see here for the simple solution: 5.2 installation issue (MacOS)

BTW I recently tested under MacOS using Google Chrome and FireFox instead of Safari,

and both work correctly, this is a Safari specific issue.

but no matter, its easy enough to correct once you know what it is ;)

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