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Сhoosing a capture card


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I need to have a minimum of 2 hdmi inputs and 1 sdi input at the same time
I wanted to buy two DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K cards, but then I found out that in each of them you can use only one input.
It is not possible to find information on other cards, where you can use as many inputs as you want.
Maybe my way, this is 2 Intensity Pro 4K  and one Decklink Mini Recorder 4K
Help me with choosing a capture card. I would not want more than $ 1000 in total.
My videocard is w8100, if it's important
Thank you


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You can use Datapath or Magewell capture cards, they have multiple input cards. For your budget you may can use one Magewell 2 HDMI inputs and one Magewell 1 SDI input or a 2 SDI input. You could have until 4 inputs at same time, you need 2 pci-e free lanes. Or a 4 HDMI inputs and use SDI-HDMI converter.

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Try datapath 1 x VisionLC-HD2 and 1 x VisionLC-SDI.

No trouble like the BM-Cards, works like a charm and is around 800 € for both.

I do not know where you can find for such an amount. In my city they cost $2500 and $3000

I think it's so expensive

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