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Lagging Capture Inputs , WO 4.3

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Hi, Im running three separate displays using WO 4.3.

On events im often combining two capture inputs specifically Datapath VisionRGB-E1 attached on PCIE_X16 and Blackmagic Intensity pro attached PCIE_8x using the latest drivers of the devices.

Both screens are in the blended area, means each screen is a part of the middle (2nd) display im getting lagging of the inputs.

Usually im using XGA, XGA+ resolutions for presentations inputs and PAL for live cam.

The same is happening when im combine video encoded as default in mpeg-2 standard with any of inputs.

As template im using VisionRGB-E1 for data on 1st display as presentations and Intensity pro on 3th display for capturing the live cam.


Displays PC configuration is:

XP Prof, Intel Xeon E5420 @2.5GHz, 4GB of RAM, Nvidia Quadro FX 1700, SATA Raid 1 with two Seagates @7200rpm


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Not sure what your question is?


...combining two capture inputs specifically Datapath VisionRGB-E1 ...

Both screens are in the blended area, means each screen is a part of the middle (2nd) display im getting lagging of the inputs.


The same is happening when im combine video encoded as default in mpeg-2 standard with any of inputs. ...

So your two blended computers are not synching with each other?


BTW We do appreciate all the system detail, but one more detail if you will.

Are there any audio connections in the system?


Reason I ask is we have heard reports of a synch delay when an audio cable is connected to the motherboard audio outputs,

unrelated to actual sound playback on that computer. That may be related to a Windows Control Panel setting ( jack detection ),

have not confirmed that yet, but it has been reported as the source of mis-synchronizaiton between displays.

The customer reporting the issue worked around it by connecting audio cables

to all of the computers (just cables, no actual audio connection on the other end),

and they all delayed the same amount.

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Exactly, the computers are not synced.


For audio output im using the production PC, where is installed Intensity pro audio output.

In default way im not using audio capture for live video. For data capturing (E1) im connecting mixpult and audio output right to the source pc.

When there is mpeg-2 file i extract the oudio to wav file and run it separate in two layers, so i thing this could not be the problem.


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  • 3 weeks later...

could it be, that symantec antivirus is blocking the data by realtime scanning?


tomorow im going to reinstall the system with win7, with the tweeing instrucions. ill write an report about the input synchronization.

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I know that it is not really correct, but yes, im doing that and i had never problem with the a/v synchronization.

On the production PC im using the same audio HW as on the client one, Blackmagic Intensity Pro.

With the next show im going to get the audio output right from the client PC.


In the context of this node it should not affect the screen capturing, becasue im not capturing any audio.


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Wow, as i wrote in my last contribution, i realize that the problem could be with the blackmagic capture card.

Im using the device for capturing the screen and also as the default audio output, even im not using it as is described before.

Can it slow down the system performance and take affect also on the vision E1 capture synchronization?

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hi Martin


ok, let's try to make it easy for you...


i will tell you how i work with my systems, after long time of working with WO i can tell you that this is working properly:


first, and i didn't read all this forum before and i don't know what will everyone here say i will preferred to work with WMV file, after trying all the format i found that WMV with high bit rate (7500 continues bit rate) is having the smallest CPU power used from all the other file format, the reason is that you don't need any codecs for playing it so the only part of the computer that work hard is the HDD and the graphic card.

the format we use is:

WMV, 7500 CBR (continues bit rate) single pass only.

this will work great and you can use file up to 8-9 files with 1920 X 1200 resolution on one display computer and it will keep on running, i have the same configuration on my display computer as your computer's and i have no problem till now.

working like this will let your CPU work faster on the process of the capture card and will reduce the delay of the system.


and one more advice, for getting the sync right on a movie file, use the audio from the display computer! if you like your production computer running fluently during the show don't use the stage mode "best quality" with audio preview, use frame only! (try to see what happened to the CPU when you do it).

and last advice, just rip the audio from your movie file to a WAV format and run it on a separated layer, then you can adjust the "in time" of the file and adjust it to sync perfectly with the movie (i have the same problem when i using the sharp XG - P610X projector that got a 30ms internal delay.)


good luck !




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I have never seen anyone using the capture card as an audio out device with WATCHOUT, this is not recommended.

Use the motherboard audio or if that's not good enough, install a separate audio card.

I would guess this will account for your delay problems.

If one uses the Display or Production computer audio output, should not matter.



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here im again and what i done is:

- reinstall of system to win7 64bit

- made tweek of win7 with the manual

- did not install any antivirus but i did install AE render engine, and im using the client computers as AE render farm when they are not doing any watchouting :)

- there are not any other codecs installed than blackmagic from the driver installation

- default audio output is running on the onboard sound card, not the blackmagic card


>> looks like it helps, now not lagging at all.


thanks to all for helping me!

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