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unspecific error / assertion

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You need to elaborate the error a bit for anyone to be able to make any sensible suggestion on fix. 


Best regards, 


Hi David,


thank you for your reply .

if you can direct me with specific questions as i don't know what information to provide.



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here is a snapshot of the player situation.

the setup is that :

i have 2 3840x2160 screens from 1 computer , no geometric correction. the 2 screens devided to 6 parts of 3840x720.  they play a movie in a loop

i have 5 3840x720 virtual displays on which i have a second video loop. 

on a trigger, i pick one of those parts and show the virtual display instead of the main .

when i'm online, the player show me only the main video and dont go to the virtual display


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A few questions:

1. What is the video format that is supposed to be played on the virtual display (codec, resolution framerate etc)?

2. Does it show up in the production software and not in the display software, or does it show up in neither?

3. What if you swap the video for a still image, does that have a different result?

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