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Help with Windows 10 Watchout


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The goal should be to have the CPU at maximum speed state and to minimize the time to ramp up the speed. I will add a little video later.

Did you set the CPU minimum frequency to 100 % in Win 10 edvanced energy settings? This should be done in every case independent from the os!

If so the CPU will still ramp up and down a little bit, but arround the maximum possible speed of 4,3 Ghz. "Overclocked" is not the right term in my opinion as people may think this is a dangerous thing. You can not overclock a Xeon CPU in the way people think about overclocking. You are setting the Intel turbo 2.0 state for the maximum speed. And that is where a CPU is at peak performance. The 4,3 Ghz are the so called " All Core Turbo" for when every core is at max level. Stay away from tools that will simulate a load on the cpu to force it for full speed. Theses tools are interfering with Watchout. CPU speed should be handled with Win or Mainboard only.

So to make it a little clearer. Usually on older CPUs the enhanced Speed Step technology will make the cpu go down to idle mode for when there is no load. For example no video playing. If you start the video the CPU needs to wake up from the halt state and speed up. This may cause stuttering playback issues. Im on Win 10 since Jan 2017 now and before on win 8.1 so my experience with win 7 is limited in this area. But I think turbo mode should always be activated. On some mainboards you can decide if the CPU or the OS is going to handle the speed shift. I prefer the OS to handle it in Win 10 as the Speed Shift Technology was developed with close cooperation with Microsoft. On Win 7 I would recommend to hand over the task to the CPU if possible. But this is speculation from my side as Im just using Win 10 LTSB for now.

These settings are super important and I saw a lot of machines with wrong settings in the past. So this is more of a general advice to please check what your bios CPU energy management is set to! And its getting worst with consumer hardware as many of theses mainboards are even more optimzed for energy savings. i think buying a LTSB license is a small price to pay considering the general price of even a cheap Watchout system. You dont have to go for the IOT version as this will also be not so easy for licensing. Win 10 Enterprise LTSB will do the job. So before throwing away Win 10 (Yes it is hard work to make it work but can be done with Pro edition) please try the LTSB version which is the perfect starting point for industrial applications.

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